Smoothie Bowl Recipe For Acai Bowl

Healthy colourful recipes

Banish the Monday blues with a dose of colour from one of our cheerful and healthy recipes, from rainbow smoothie bowls and green goddess smoothies to scrambled tofu and temaki hand rolls

Looking for colourful recipes? A variety of colours ensures that you get plenty of vitamins and a balanced diet to keep your body and mind healthy. We have plenty of rainbow recipes, including turmeric recipes and lots of super greens, for midweek meals and healthy lunchbox ideas.


Healthy colourful recipes

Turmeric and mango lassi

This turmeric and mango lassi recipe is sunshine in a bottle. Turmeric has plenty of health benefits too, making this the ultimate feel-good drink. Perfect for a hot summer’s day to quench your thirst.


Temaki hand roll

Our colourful vegan temaki rolls are healthy and super easy to make, ideal for an easy lunchtime treat. The dipping sauce with soy, fresh red chilli and sesame seeds is a winning accompaniment.

Temaki Hand Roll Recipe

Supergreen smoothie

Our vibrant supergreen smoothie is set to give you a boost inside and out. Super quick to make, this is a perfect drink to take on the go whilst getting in those essential nutrients. Cucumber, spinach, lime and kiwi makes a great flavour combination and avocado adds a lovely creamy texture.

super green smoothie

Veggie soba noodle pots

Our veggie soba noodle pots are bright, colourful and full of crunchy textures. They make great lunchbox options, too.  Check out more quick vegetarian recipes over here.


Breakfast smoothie bowl 

Smoothie bowls are the ultimate on-trend rainbow recipe, and we think our vibrant breakfast bowl is the perfect way to start the day with a whole lot of colour. Unleash your creative side when it comes to toppings. We have plenty more healthy breakfast ideas over here.

Easy Smoothie Recipes For Healthy Smoothies

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Full of flavour with gorgeous fresh colours, this roasted carrot with tahini and pomegranate recipe is a delicious and healthy side dish to complement any meal.

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Green linguine

Check out this super simple, vibrant green linguine recipe. This quick and easy pasta dish is veggie-friendly and low in calories. A great midweek meal for two.

Green Linguine Recipe

Moroccan cauliflower salad

Thai ginger salad

This medley of shredded cabbage, carrot, cucumber and edamame is made deliciously nutty with a peanut butter and lime juice dressing. All of the colour, all of the flavour and less than 400 calories a portion.

Turmeric-fried veggie rice

Try our vibrant turmeric-fried rice. This colourful recipe is packed with punchy flavour and super simple to make. Plus, it comes in under 300 calories per serving.

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe with Turmeric

Spring greens shakshuka

Check out our cover recipe from May 2017. Shakshuka, traditionally a North African dish, is typically comprised of spices, eggs and tomatoes, but here we’ve decided to mix things up a little… make it green and healthy with asparagus tips and broad beans.

Green Shakshuka Recipe (Plus How To Video)