Kingston, Jamaica: five of the best places to eat and drink

Five fantastic place to eat and drink in Jamaica's Kingston. As chosen by Suzanne & Michelle Rousseau, the authors of Caribbean Potluck.

Kushites is a sexy and hip vegetarian restaurant epitomising al fresco Caribbean dining. Try the lemongrass lemonade, jerk pita burger, or tomato okra stew.


For the best and most authentic fish on Jamaica head to Aunt May’s Fish Place at Hellshire Beach, a rustic seaside fishing village of fisherman’s huts that cooks up fresh seafood. Aunt May’s has been around for 40 years and is a favourite local haunt for its basic menu of fried fish, steamed fish or fried lobster served with festival (a cornmeal and flour dumpling). Hellshire, Portmore, St. Catherine; 00 1 876 880 0499.

Brick Oven serves delicious artisanal patties of all flavours. It’s famous for its chicken patties, plantain tarts and ice cream in signature flavours like stout, rum & raisin, coffee and coconut.

A 100% Jamaican franchise set in the cool hills of Irish Town, Café Blue serves delicious coffee treats that are made only from Blue Mountain coffee. Try their incredible Blucino blended frozen coffee or a fresh cup of Blue Mountain with a side of Devon Stout cheesecake.

For an authentic taste of Kingston nightlife head to Red Bones Blues Cafe. This classic Jamaican blues bar, restaurant and hang out features live music on Friday nights and simple, consistently good food. Try the calalloo streudel or smoked pork loin. 1 Argyle Road, 00 1 876 978 8262.

Written by Suzanne & Michelle Rousseau, authors of Caribbean Potluck (Kyle Books, £15.99). 

This feature was published in August 2014

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