Sani Gourmet food festival: Halkidiki, Greece

The 10th year of the Sani Gourmet food festival will be celebrated from 8-17 May 2015 in the Greek region of Halkidiki, featuring international Michelin starred chefs, wine tastings and innovative dishes.

Each year the Sani resort in the Greek region of Halkidiki hosts the Sani Gourmet festival, an ideal way for food-lovers to frame their holiday. Now in its 10th year, the festival brings together some of the best chefs from Greece and around the world for 10 days of workshops, gourmet dinners and wine tastings.


Last year’s festival saw Michelin-starred Riccardo di Giacinto take over the exclusive Water restaurant at the resort’s Asterias suites, with a menu featuring dishes such as carbonara reduction and cod tiramisu, and Greece’s own Nikos Karathanos (who earned his first star at 28) creating a menu for Sani marina’s Tomata restaurant inspired by a ‘silk road’ theme with dishes like beet-cured salmon with wasabi mayo.

This year’s festival runs from 8 – 17 May and will return to the Silk Road theme with Michelin starred chefs from China, India, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan presenting their skills to the resort’s visitors.


More information: sanigourmet.gr.