Meet the food blogger: bénédicte baggio-catalan

Here at olive we value local knowledge when it comes to our travel features, using the best food writers in the best food destinations to collate our guides. Many of these writers have great stories to share so, in this new occasional series of posts, we’re doing just that. Next up is Bordeaux expert, Bénédicte Baggio-Catalan.

Food blogger and journalist Bénédicte has been based in Bordeaux since 2002.  Born in La Rochelle, on France’s Atlantic coast, she is fond of food, wine, sailing and sport and is the mother of two young daughters. Having studied marketing and communications studies she created her blog, My Little Spoon, in 2008 as a way of combining two passions: cooking (above all, eating) and writing.


Describe your approach…

I wanted to share simple ideas for cooking good food – recipes, advice, interviews with chefs and producers. I respect the seasons and the environment and I support clever initiatives and projects related to food. I’m fond of terroir and gastronomic traditions and I live in Bordeaux – a town I really love – so I try to give personal recommendations for local restaurants, shops and cafés. I also wanted to create a pretty blog, with attractive pictures that would make followers hungry. My Little Spoon has become my companion and friend. Now she’s part of my life.

My three favourite restaurants in my home town are…

Miles (trust the chefs and order the menu of the day), La Tanière (order the famous Bitoche – minced beef cooked like a big burger and served with a creamy mushroom and piment d’Espelette sauce and frites) and Seasons Food Truck (order the English muffin).

I love eating out at…

Le Bistrot du Fromager on the Chartrons dock in Bordeaux because the cheeses are amazing and you can pair them with great wines.

A place I love that not many people know about is

The Arès Fishing Harbour, on the Arcachon Bay. The small restaurants here are very typical, local, picturesque and quiet and you can eat great shellfish and fish.

When I’m not blogging I’m…

Cooking, reading about food or meeting chefs and producers. My while life revolves around food! I also try to spend time with my family and friends. We have a house on the Arcachon Bay, a wonderful place.

In my fridge there’s always…

Parmigiano reggiano DOP; aromatic herbs like basil, tarragon (my favourite), chives, mint and rosemary; goat cheese; seasonal vegetables (in summer courgettes and aubergines, in winter squash); and preserved lemons.

My most-used cook book is…

Larousse Gastronomique (the 1995 edition). It was given to me by my uncle and is a real bible. I use it to find out more about ingredients and how to cook them. From this starting point I let my imagination create a recipe.

A food trend I see being the next big thing is

Food bikes. They’re more appropriate on our streets than food trucks and are really catching on in France.

I know I shouldn’t admit it but my guilty pleasure food is…

Haribo smurfs. Especially Papa Smurf!

If you gave me a tenner I‘d spend it on….

A pistachio ice-cream from M&O Glacier. I’ve never had anything like it. I rediscovered the taste of pistachio.

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First published: September 2015

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