Advertisement promotion: Zurich beyond chocolate and fondue

Chocolate, cheese fondue and Bratwurst stalls – chances are, that’s what springs to mind when you think of culinary Zurich. But there’s far more to this Swiss city than meets the eye

For one week this spring, from 17 – 21 May, Londoners will have the opportunity to discover this city’s unique cuisine, without going anywhere near an airport. 


Setting up store under the great arches of Borough Market, some of Zurich´s most innovative and most popular food producers will turn this small but hallowed patch of South London into a miniature Zurich foodie paradise as part of the Zürich Meets London Festival.

What to expect

Every major city in Europe has its own special sausage, and Zurich is no exception – in fact it has two, the Stadtjäger and the Cervelat. The first is a gourmet pork sausage, which tastes a little like a salami. Made 100% within the city limits of Zurich, the meat comes exclusively from the organically reared pigs of the Waidhof city farm. 

The cervelat normally contains a mixture of beef and pork. Here, as a special surprise, it will be served as a vegetarian version by Tibits. Just as tasty as the meaty original, it is shorter and stubbier than the Bratwurst and has a slightly smoky taste. 

Visitors to Zurich’s foodie heaven at Borough Market have a choice of dozens of constantly replenished fresh dishes from a vast and irresistibly colourful buffet and live cooking stations. Remarkably, everything on offer is vegetarian or even vegan. So crunchy and fresh are the salads, so flavoursome the hot dishes, and so scrumptiously satisfying the puddings, that Tibits counts many a meat eater amongst its fans.

Inspiration from nature

Zurich is a global hub of commerce and industry, but retains close ties with the natural world. The woods of Zürichberg and the green meadows of Sihltal are easily accessible by tram, train, car or bicycle. 

It is no surprise then, that the people of Zurich take a great interest in natural produce. Local honey, for instance, is used in delicacies like the Leimbacher Biberli, an intensely flavoured type of ginger bread. The blossoms of the linden, found on Lindenhof in the middle of the old town, is used to flavour the local Turicum Gin.

The Gents tonic water, meanwhile, is based on quinine extracted from the rare Gentian root, also grown not far from Zurich. The Zürich Meets London festival hub at Borough Market offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in Zurich’s culinary treats.

When art meets food

The “Zürich Meets London” Festival coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Dada art movement, which was founded in Zurich´s fabled Cabaret Voltaire. To celebrate, the Dada Gala Dinner at Borough Market is holding an exploration of the meeting of art meets palate.

Fabian Spiquel, head chef at the Michelin starred Maison Manesse in Zurich will serve up a gala dinner with a tasting 5-course menu inspired by the artistic principles of Dada. In between the courses, the diners will be treated to a series of Dada performances from Zurich’s most renowned cultural institutions.

Apart from the foodie heaven in Borough Market, the Zürich Meets London festival also includes a very more-ish programme of art happenings, concerts, film events, panel discussions, and public lectures.

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