Advertisement Promotion: the true taste of Spain

A hidden gem of the wine world, sherry has a rich heritage and is ideal to pair with a range of dishes – it’s even great in cocktails.

Since 1796, Harveys has expertly crafted distinctive sherries using grapes from its own vineyards in Jerez, southern Spain. With more than 200 years of winemaking experience, Harveys have perfected their blending skills to create award-winning, complex yet balanced sherries.


Whether you’re having friends for dinner or hosting a cocktail party, you can bank on Harveys. From the new Signature by Harveys 12 and its candied orange aromas, to Palo Cortado VORS (Very Old Rare Sherries) and its woody notes, there’s a Harveys sherry to match any dish. Keep it simple with ice and a slice of orange, or get creative with cocktail recipes.

Signature by Harveys over ice

The simplest of serves, Signature by Harveys is best enjoyed over ice with a slice of orange to bring out the taste of candied orange. It perfectly complements the rich dried fruit and hazelnut flavours of this delicious sherry.

  • Place two or three cubes of ice in a tumbler
  • Pour over 50ml Signature by Harveys
  • Garnish with a slice of orange


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