Herman Ze German, London: quick restaurant review

A quick review of Herman Ze German's new branch in Fitzrovia. This hip restaurant serves German wurst (sausages) in rolls and the famous currywurst with chips.

Herman ze German’s wursts (sausages) are supplied by a family butcher in the Black Forest – chilli beef, brockwurst (smoked pork) and bratwurst (pork and veal) are now available in Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia. Already a hit at their branches in Villiers Street, near Charing Cross, and Old Compton Street, Soho, the new outlet has a bar area, all the better in which to enjoy your hot-dog and pint of Paulaner wheat beer. The gluten-free, high meat-content sausages are served in rolls, with curry sauce, onions and mayonnaise as well, or as currywurst plus chips, or a roll on the side. (hermanzegerman.com


Bullseye: Chilli beef sausage on brioche with cheese, jalapeños and ‘pommes’ (chips).


Misfire: The relentless attempts to prove Germans are funny. Sausage and salad,for instance, is in the ‘No carbs fräulein’ section.