Plastic and recycling

If you subscribe to olive magazine and want to recycle your copies, here is the best way to do so.

Recycling your printed copy and supplements

Paper is widely recycled so you can include your magazine, any paper supplements and inserts in your regular home paper recycling. Or find your nearest paper recycling facility here.

Recycling your packaging

olive magazine is now sent to you in paper wrap that can be recycled in the same way as your magazines, supplements and inserts.

Our paper wrap is FSC certified so we know that it comes from sustainable and well-managed forests. We have chosen stock which will best protect your magazine, so it arrives in the best possible condition - regularly sending out replacements for damaged copies would have a further environmental impact.

We are continuing to develop our paper wrapping by working closely with our suppliers and if there is a suitable recycled paper available in the future that has the strength and durability of our current wrap, we will explore that opportunity.

We researched the switch from polythene film to paper very thoroughly and feel that this is the most responsible choice for the environment. The recycling infrastructure for paper in the UK is very reliable and, importantly, convenient for our readers to use via their local authority collections.

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