Healthy vegan recipes under 350 calories

If you're looking for easy and exciting healthy vegan meals, check out one of these super vibrant recipes, from moreish vegan banana bread to our colourful fajita bowl, these recipes all come in under 350 calories so perfect for the 5:2 diet

If you're looking for exciting new healthy vegan recipes check out our easy recipes below. Our low calorie vegan recipes are quick and easy to make, from healthy vegan breakfast recipes to low calorie vegan meals.


We have plenty more 5:2 ideas to try here, too.

Moroccan veggie soup

Check out our easy Moroccan vegan soup recipe with lemons, chickpeas and plenty of spice. This low calorie soup serves four and is ready in under an hour.

Coronation tofu salad

Check out our easy vegan coronation salad recipe with smoked tofu, fragrant madras curry powder and sweet mango chutney. Plus this simple salad is low in calories, too.

Steamed aubergines with peanut dressing

Check out this quick and easy aubergine recipe with punchy peanut dressing. Serve this super simple vegan recipe under 100 calories for a delicious hot or cold side dish.

Californian tofu scramble

Check out this low calorie vegan breakfast recipe with smoked tofu, punchy chilli and pan fried courgette. Ready in less than 30 minutes, this easy recipe is a quick brunch idea.

Vegan orzo deli salad

Check out this super simple orzo salad recipe with crunchy red onion and sweet SunBlush tomatoes. This vegan salad recipe is easy to make and low in calories.

Vegan Thai green curry

Make this creamy, delicately spiced Thai-style curry with just 332 calories per serving. This vegan curry is a crowd-pleasing recipe and makes for an easy midweek meal.

Temaki (vegan sushi rice hand rolls)

Check out these super easy and healthy sushi rolls. Packed with plenty of fresh and crunchy veg, these vegan hand rolls are an easy lunch time treat.

Vegan bolognese

Check out our meat-free mushroom bolognese. This version of a family favourite uses mushrooms and plenty of veg, making it a low-fat healthy vegan friendly meal, everyone will love.

Vegan ramen recipe with miso and mushrooms

In need of a healthy yet warming midweek vegan meal? Try our low calorie, vegan miso shiitake mushroom ramen for an easy dinner for two.

Courgetti som tam salad

Our quick and easy vegan som tam salad, uses courgetti for extra colour, taste and substance. It is only 177 calories too. It ticks all the health boxes in that it is completely gluten free as well. Our deliciously fresh vegan salad is incredibly low in fat and carbs, making it perfect for a summers dinner or quick rejuvenating meal.

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Vegan taco bowl

Check out these vibrant vegan Mexican salad bowls. This quick and easy recipe is super fresh and has just the right amount of spice and zing - ready in 20 minutes.

Vegan buddha bowl salad

Check out this low calorie vegan buddha bowl. This bright and colourful bowl of goodness is a super easy way to get some nutritional balance into your day.

Vegan fajita bowl with cauliflower rice

This vegan fajita bowl recipe with cauli rice is simple to make, vegan, low calorie and 5:2-diet friendly which delivers on flavour. Perfect quick and easy healthy vegan meals.

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Chilli tofu ramen

Nothing is more comforting than a warming bowl of ramen. This chilli tofu version is vegan and low-calorie and packs in loads of fresh flavours.Why not check out our other favourite tofu recipes are here...

Vegan sweet potato soup

Check out this easy vegan soup recipe with sweet potato and groundnut. Packed with punchy chilli and smooth peanut butter this flavoursome soup is super creamy, and it's low in calories.

Vegan quinoa sushi

Using quinoa instead of rice means these rolls are higher in protein. We've kept them vegan too, no fish means leftovers will keep for a healthy lunchbox the next day. Plus, they're fun to make, too.

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Vegan quinoa and black bean chilli

Do you love chilli and want to try a meat free version? Check out this quick and easy vegan chilli recipe. Our quinoa and black bean chilli is high in protein, low calorie and vegan – but still tastes impossibly creamy.

Vegan burrito bowl

This colourful vegan burrito bowl recipe delivers all the big flavours you'd want without the calories. Quick and easy healthy vegan meals.

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Turmeric roasted cauliflower salad

Our vegan roasted cauliflower salad with turmeric is low in calories and packed with punchy flavour. Turmeric adds lovely colour and flavour to this easy vegan-friendly recipe.

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Tamarind potato curry

This simple vegan tamarind potato curry is packed with punchy flavour, it's low in calories and easily serves 4, a great warming vegan family meal.

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Broccoli and peanut soba noodles

This vegan recipe for broccoli and peanut soba noodles is really easy to make and ready in 20 minutes or less. The fresh greens are a great combination with the noodles while the roasted peanuts adds a crunchy texture to the dish.

Carrot falafels with cumin and coriander

Try our take on the Middle Eastern classic, falafels. Use up your leftover carrots to give these delightful vegan balls a lighter taste and texture. What's more, they're low calorie and full of flavour, and of course carrots can help you to see in the dark, even in falafel form. Bonus!

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Sweet potato falafel

Our vegan recipe for sweet potato falafel with coriander chutney and carrot salad is low-calorie and gluten-free. Plus, it's ready in under an hour, perfect for midweek.

Vietnamese green soup

Check out this vegan Vietnamese green soup. This super simple family-friendly recipe is packed with punchy flavour and comes in under 150 calories. Easy vegan healthy meal ideas.

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Moroccan tagine

This recipe for Moroccan veg and chickpea tagine is vegan, low-fat and really easy to make. This makes enough for four, but the leftovers freeze well.

Aubergine bhaji

Our vegan recipe is also gluten-free and low in calories. Made with aubergines and packed full of spices, this dish is the perfect go-to dinner for Meat Free Monday. Not to be confused with the ever-so-popular deep fried onion bhaji - this recipe is too low in calories for that. Serving up at just 197 calories, this guiltless, warming bhaji of goodness is the perfect recipe for a healthy mid week meal.

Pomegranate bhel puri

Although our Pomegranate bhel puri might sound complex, it is incredibly easy to make. You toss, mix and add all the ingredients and then serve immediately with the papdi or poppadom for scooping. It is also nothing but simple when it comes to why we love it - it is low in calories, it can be made in under 30 minutes and bursting with sweet and sharp exotic flavours. It is a vegan savoury snack and is really quick and easy to make.

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Smoked aubergine and pepper salad with pomegranate molasses

Our smoked aubergine and pepper salad is a delicate balance of tone and texture, and for all it's authentic flavour it is under 300 calories per meal. Infused with the flavours of Persia, it's a little bit of middle-Eastern magic for you and your friends to enjoy. Plus, it's vegan friendly.

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Creamy lentils with spinach and thyme

Our hearty creamy lentil recipe is ideal for a quick and easy vegan meal. It is only 300 calories and will keep you full and satisfied. The creamy lentil dish is packed with fresh herbs and laced with leaves of spinach. Perfectly suited to those who want a light but tasty 5:2 friendly meal, this healthy low-cal vegan lentil dish is high in protein but low in fat. Watch the coconut milk simmer until and stir through the lemon juice, to serve.

Overnight plum and almond oats

Our overnight plum and almond oats are rich and wholesome, the perfect way to start any meaningful day. Prep your oats the night before to make this quick and easy vegan breakfast for two. Then in the morning just add more almonds for crunch and honey or agave to sweeten. It may be under 300 calories but it'll leave you feeling satisfied and full until lunchtime.


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