Pickled Grape Salad Recipe

Six seasonal dishes to make in October

Make the most of plaice, leeks, clams, grapes, horseradish and potatoes in October's seasonal recipes

Autumn is upon us, and that means an abundance of seasonal produce. Want to know what the best ingredients are in October? Look no further for the best fall recipes…


We keep plaice simple in a fish supper to let the seasonal fish shine, we’ve pickled grapes and added them to taleggio, pear and walnuts for an autumnal salad, and. For a great brunch recipe we put potatoes at the centre of our Irish pancakes dish, and we go all out with a Korean Philly cheese steak sandwich and add an extra punch with horseradish, at its prime in Autumn. Clams are served with a punchy XO sauce and leeks are made more comforting with blue cheese and crispy bacon breadcrumbs.

Bring on autumn cooking with plaice, leeks, clams, grapes, horseradish and potatoes in October’s seasonal fall recipes…

Clams with quick XO sauce

Give these clams a go for a quick autumn dinner party starter or a simple supper, they come with a quick and punchy XO sauce. XO sauce originates from Hong Kong and is traditionally made with dried shrimps and scallops. We’ve substituted these for shrimp paste, which is available in all large supermarkets.

Clams With Quick XO Sauce Recipe

Pickled grape salad with pear, taleggio and walnuts

Tangy pickled grapes shine in this autumnal salad recipe with creamy taleggio and crunchy pears. This gluten free recipe makes a perfect low calorie midweek meal.

Pickled Grape Salad

Plaice with warm tartare butter sauce

We have kept things simple so that plaice can shine in this autumnal dish. Try our easy plaice recipe with warm tartare butter sauce. This simple fish idea makes an easy entertaining idea with a tangy tartare sauce.

Plaice with butter sauce

Korean Philly cheese steak with Russian dressing

Check out this easy recipe for Korean Philly cheese steak with a punchy Russian dressing. This recipe is a clever mash-up of Korean and classic American cuisine. We have added horseradish as it’s in season in autumn and gives an extra kick to fight off the cooler weather.

Korean Philly Cheese Steak with Russian Dressing

Blue cheese leeks with crispy bacon breadcrumbs

This indulgent blue cheese leek recipe with crispy bacon breadcrumbs is super simple to make, it only takes 30 minutes to prepare, and makes the perfect Sunday roast accompaniment.

Blue Cheese Leek Recipe With Crispy Bacon Breadcrumbs

Potato farls

Potato farls are part of a classic Irish breakfast, farl literally means four parts. This recipe creates a potato dough which is rolled out to make a circle, and four parts are cut out then fried. Serve with crispy bacon and juicy tomatoes for a great weekend brunch.

Potato Farls Recipe For Irish Potato Pancakes