4 quick and easy porridge toppers

Give your energy-packed porridge a flavour boost with one of our vibrant, quick and easy topping ideas

Check out these quick and easy porridge recipes for easy porridge toppings. We've come up with four simple ideas to top your porridge for a healthy breakfast recipe. 


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Almond butter, banana and apple porridge recipe

Make up the porridge with milk or water, and stir through 1/2 a mashed, ripe banana when cooking. Top with a swirl of almond butter and the rest of the banana, sliced, some match-sticked apple and a drizzle of maple syrup. Finish with a few chopped skin-on almonds.

Tropical coconut and lime porridge recipe

Make up the porridge replacing 1/2 the milk or water with coconut milk. Slice half a ripe mango and a ripe kiwi fruit, and toss with the juice of a lime. Top the porridge with the fruit, some lime zest and dried coconut shavings.

Spicy Japanese veg porridge recipe

Brush some slices of squash with white miso paste and roast until tender and golden. Make up the porridge using veg stock instead of milk or water, and season with another tsp of miso. Stir the white part of a chopped spring onion through the porridge. Wilt some baby spinach in a little sesame oil. Spoon the squash and spinach on top of the porridge. Top with a fried egg, some togarashi salt, dried chilli flakes, another drizzle of sesame oil and the chopped spring onion greens.

Sugar plum and raisin porridge recipe

Quarter a ripe dark plum and put it in a small pan with 2 tbsp flame raisins, 1 tbsp soft brown sugar and a splash of orange juice. Heat gently until the sugar dissolves and the plums are softened but not mushy. Make up the porridge with milk or water then spoon the fruit on top.

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