16 recipes that taste so much better with seriously good mayo

In the mood for mayo? From posh goujons to coleslaw, chicken skewers and a smoked chicken sandwich, we've collected 16 recipes that taste better with mayonnaise

1. Lobster rolls


What could be better than lobster rolls for a summer snack? Watch the video above to learn how to make your own creamy lobster rolls.

2. salmon wrap

Ready in just a few minutes, these wraps taste great thanks to the zesty Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise sauce. Perfect for a pretty nutritious lunch.

3. spiced sole goujons with lemon mayo

Looking for an easy fish dinner? This healthy meal delivers a kick to your taste buds with a coating of cayenne pepper breadcrumbs

4. Chicken skewers

Some might like it hot, but a dip of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise will balance out the tanginess of the sumac and chilli in this recipe.

5. Spicy fish burger with chilli mayo

This recipe for spicy fish burgers with chilli mayo is a great recipe to have on-hand midweek. It’s super-quick (ready in under 30 minutes) and easy, but is packed full of flavour and a chilli hit.

6. Egg mayo mini rolls

An ingenious way to to make egg mayonnaise interesting again. These egg mayo mini rolls are topped with smoked herring onuga, perfect for a tea party or a picnic.

7. Rainbow slaw with creamy lime and coriander dressing

The best recipe for homemade coleslaw. With cabbage, carrots and a creamy lime and coriander dressing, this side dish goes well with bbq meats or roast chicken.

8. Coleslaw

Having a barbecue? Take things up a notch with the perfect side dish – this moreish, fresh-tasting coleslaw with a Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise twist.

9. Crab on toast with caper and parsley mayo

Liven up lunch time with this quick crab on toast. Crab is combined with lemon, shallot, capers and topped with parsley mayo. On the table in 10 minutes and no cooking required.

10. Mini crab cakes with lime and chilli mayo

These mini-versions of a classic crab cake are really easy to make for a crowd. Make ahead then just heat gently in the oven when your party guests arrive. Serve with a cream, spicy mayo for dipping.

11. Seafood fry with miso butter and kimchi mayo

This recipe is all about the condiments; miso butter, yuzu hollandaise and kimchi mayo. Take your pick.

12. Spanish prawns, peppers & aioli

Prawns, peppers and aioli make for a delicious Spanish-inspired one-pot dinner for two. The garlicky aioli is a delicious side to dip the juicy prawns in.

13. Salmon on potato onion rosti with mint aïoli

Potato and onion rosti make a great base for different toppings. This recipe uses a mustard-grilled salmon and a rich garlic mayonnaise flavoured with mint. A quick, smart supper for two.

14. Smoked chicken sandwich

Whip up this tasty sandwich in minutes by using good-quality smoked chicken from the deli. With fresh crunchy lettuce, tomato and mayo with sweet paprika, this is no ordinary chicken sandwich.

15. Deep-fried stuffed olives

A deliciously moreish appetiser, these deep fried olives are stuffed with oozing cheese, cured meats and anchovies. The garlic mayo with saffron adds a Spanish kick.

16. spicy crab club sandwich

Sriracha, a spicy, garlicky Thai chilli sauce, is popping up all over menus on anything from breakfast dishes to burgers. Add it to mayonnaise for a seriously good crab sandwich.

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