10 ingenious recipes that make boring chicken breast exciting!

What can you do with chicken breast? Low-fat and high-protein, chicken breast is a great mealtime main - but it can be SO bland and boring. Here our cookery writer, Anna Glover, picks 10 easy ways to perk up a chicken breast so that you can look forward to a delicious (and exciting) dinner.

Chicken saag

Put down the takeaway menu and pick up an apron! This chicken curry is ready in 45 minutes (we reckon we’d beat the delivery person to the table) and is super easy to make. Chicken breasts work well here as they are low in fat (this recipe is only 330 cals per serving), and they take on the flavours of the spices to make a hearty, warming curry.


Quick-roast chicken with tomatoes, chickpeas and tarragon

Your turn to do the washing up? How about this one-tray quick roast, spiked with Mediterranean flavours. Tinned chickpeas are already cooked and ready to eat, so they take very little time to heat through. When mixed with aniseed-like tarragon and sweet cherry tomatoes, the chicken doesn’t need to work hard at all hard to make this dish a family favourite.

Chargrilled chicken with white beans and cabbage

This is a fancy version of plain old chicken breast – perfect if you’re cooking for friends. The charred chicken takes on a smoky flavour that works well with creamy beans and buttery cabbage. It’s ready in 25 minutes, which leaves more time for catching up!

Lime and chilli chicken sandwich with Greek yogurt guacamole

Consider this your new healthy burger. This recipe serves one, so make it into a midweek sofa supper. Coriander, lime and creamy avocado work wonders with this marinated chilli-spiked chicken.

Zero noodles with poached miso ginger chicken broth

If you’re on a health kick, this miso broth with zero noodles and poached chicken is a saviour. Packed with umami from the miso, and strong flavours such as sesame and chive, you’ll be amazed at how you can pack so much tang into 147 calories. The trick is the noodles here – shirataki are low-calorie and low-carb, but still fill you up. Buy them from good health shops or online.

Sesame chicken, pickled red cabbage and sushi rice salad

Another poached, Asian-inspired recipe using chicken breast – this time, pairing it with crunchy red cabbage, carrot and a rice vinegar dressing. If you love sushi but are not sure where to start, this is a good recipe to try.

Light chicken Caesar

An all-time classic, only lighter. This recipe uses cooked chicken breast (or leftover roast chicken) and is ready in only 20 minutes. There’s not an anchovy in sight, either.

Chicken with agrodolce sauce

Agrodolce means sweet and sour in Italian, and it works really well with chicken breasts. In this recipe, they are flattened and seared in a really hot pan to get a crisp, golden crust. Sugar and vinegar are the base for this sweet and sour sauce with cherry tomatoes and red onion. Serve with roast potatoes or mash for a more comforting supper.   

West Indian chicken curry with cinnamon and tomatoes

West Indian chicken curry in 30 minutes. Sweet potato and coconut milk add a sweetness that’s balanced with the heat from the curry powder.

Shredded Thai chicken salad

Thai salads use a mix of hot, sour, salty and sweet to make a winning flavour combination. Most Thai salad dressings have chilli, fish sauce, lime, and palm or brown sugar in them, to achieve this classic flavour profile. Crunchy cabbage, carrot and shredded chicken make a great base for a quick supper. Mint gives this dish a fresh edge too, but use Thai basil if you can get some.

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