Healthy desk snacks – what the olive office eats when hunger strikes

What healthy snacks do you reach for to kill those mid-afternoon hunger pangs? The olive team share their good-for-you snacking tips and our nutritionist gives her verdict.

Working on a food magazine means we are never short of lovely things to eat, but our samples cupboard tends to be piled high with sugary, salty treats like chocolate, crisps and biscuits (at the moment it’s wall-to-wall Easter eggs). So it’s no surprise most olive staffers have a few healthy snacks stashed away to keep us away from diving head first into a chocolate bunny. But how healthy are they? We asked olive’s nutritionist Kerry Torrens to give her verdict on our choices…


Alex – editorial assistant

“A small bowl of edamame in the pod – when they are in season I have peas in the pod instead. They take longer to eat because you have to pop them out of their pods so it feels like you get more to eat.”

KT comments: This is a good choice and edamame are good source of phyto-oestrogens so even better for women

Rhiannon – travel editor

“Easybean chickpea crisp breads (though I’m not sure how healthy they actually are!)”

KT comments: Per 100g these are high in fat and sat fat and 2 crispbreads account for 6% of your daily salt intake. So watch what you use as a topping. They’re a good source of protein for a cracker, though.

Anna – cookery writer

“A small handful of pumpkin seeds roasted with a splash of tamari soy – just roast some seeds in a hot oven then add a splash of tamari and toss together.”

KT comments: These are fine but just watch the tamari for sodium content

Gregor – chief-sub

“1 orange and 1 apple – I eat the orange first as it’s meant to be better for your teeth (the apple removes the acid from the orange juice)”

KT comments: This gives you 2 of your 5 a day but don’t forget to max on veggies aswell

Janine – food editor

“I try not to eat snacks as I’m often tasting all day in the test kitchen, but I would choose something like Nairn’s rough oatcakes as they taste nice but worthy, like porridge in biscuit form.”

KT comments: These are my preferred snack as well – they are low GI thanks to the oats but best stick to 2 oatcakes because they are moderate in fat and high in salt per 100g. I enjoy mine plain like a biscuit but if you do add a topping watch the salt and fat content

Lulu – deputy editor

“A pack of Itsu crispy seaweed thins – these pack so much flavour it feels like you are getting a lot more than 22 calories.”  

KT comments: These are mineral rich and that includes salt so stick to 1 x 5g pack – one such pack accounts for 5% of your daily salt RI (reference intake)

Charlotte – web editor

“A handful of green grapes frozen for a couple of hours – they taste like grape sorbet!”

KT comments: A handful counts as 1 of your 5 a day and this is a good way to deal with a sweet craving

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