The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co, Brick Lane: Froyo review

Read our review of just-opened frozen yoghurt parlour, The Sloane Brothers, on Brick Lane. Fat-free dulce de leche frozen yoghurt (yes, really), very British toppings, and local graffiti on the walls make it a must-visit for summer 2015.

You heard it here first: dulce de leche frozen yoghurt is olive’s favourite sweet treat for summer 2015. You can get it at The Sloane Bros Frozen Yoghurt Co. on Brick Lane (which opened its doors this week), and if you’ve any sense, you’ll top it with chunks of soft caramel brownie, custard creams and a couple of pink wafers. 


Founder Joseph Chakra’s dream was to create a frozen yoghurt parlour that champions British ingredients, British nostalgia and British quality. So frozen yoghurt made from British-only milk, and very traditional toppings “that somewhere along the lines disappeared from our tables” (says Joe) – Jammie Dodgers, chocolate bourbons, party rings (remember those?) and Garibaldis, for example.

Whether you go for dulce de leche, natural, strawberry or chocolate (listed in order of our preference, having tasted them all), all the frozen yoghurt at Sloane’s is thick, creamy and remarkably fat-free. Which makes it a great healthy dessert option after a Brick lane curry, as long as you opt for a fresh fruit topping (passion fruit, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi…) instead of a mountain of cake and biscuits. Price wise, you’re looking at £2.95 for a small cup of frozen yoghurt, plus 60-odd pence per topping. A bit pricey perhaps, but the portions are generous.

We like the fact that all the cake is made in a local bakery – our favourite of which is the gooey, soft-centred caramel brownie – and how Joe commissioned a local graffiti artist to decorate the walls with splashes of orange, yellow, pink and purple. The room itself is pretty big, to accommodate summer crowds, although there’s only a dozen-or-so seats. It’s a clean space, with minimal clutter, and you’ll notice many pictures of bowler hats filled with frozen yoghurt – a nod to the Sloane Brothers’ frozen yoghurt ‘legend’ neatly written on the wall. Have a read yourself and let us know whether you believe it or not…

Bullseye: dulce de leche frozen yoghurt, with chunks of soft caramel brownie. 

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