The Moral Fox: quick restaurant review

Our bitesize restaurant review of The Moral Fox, a late-night drinking den that has been transformed into a fried chicken joint, with the best creamed corn we’ve tasted.

Dive bar meet fried chicken – we know you’ll be very happy together. On the outside you can’t tell that this place is a going concern; the old signage from its days as late-night drinking den The Globe remain, with no menu and very little lighting to alert you to the goodies inside. Slide into one of a handful of dimly lit booths and order from the blackboard – your fried chicken or fried chicken sandwich will be delivered on a red plastic tray, with either a daiquiri or beer. Chook is from smart Mayfair butcher Allens, and uses only leg meat, so the depth of flavour is good, and no wonder: owner Robie Uniacke spent months researching the best recipe, to replicate the best he’d tried while touring America.


Bullseye: The creamed corn is the best we’ve tasted.


Misfire: How the hell do you know its here? From the outside it looks closed.