Pig & Goose: quick restaurant review

Read our quick review of the Pig & Goose above a central London boozer . With its own cheese trolley and a great ox cheek mac 'n' cheese, what more could you want?

It’s got a great name, and is a nice little find in central London. Downstairs is a comfortable boozer with local ales and craft beers, but it’s the upstairs dining room that’s the real pull. With a cheese trolley in pride of place, we knew we were on to something immediately. You could go for light starters such as Japanese cured salmon with sesame and ginger, but gutsier dishes such as Jacobs ladder, salt baked turnips, carrots & caraway, potato & horseradish gratin, is what the P&G is all about. And that was before we’d even tried the ox cheek mac and cheese. Meat heaven.


Bullseye: The signature Porco et Anserini pulled pork & goose burger, with cider dipping gravy, chips. Has reading that made you want one?

Misfire: The utilitarian-looking pass dominates one side, a blot on an otherwise good-looking room.


For more information, visit the website.