Chamberlain’s: quick restaurant review and meet the chef, Andrew Jones

Read our review of fish and seafood restaurant Chamberlain's at Leadenhall Market (great for classics such as cured in-house salmon and lobster), then meet the man behind the menu - chef Andrew Jones.

Fish is the focus at this Leadenhall Market restaurant and no surprise – the owners run a Billingsgate- based wholesalers and a catering company. Chef Andrew Jones oversees a big operation – a restaurant split over the ground floor and mezzanine, plus event spaces, and a basement brasserie and bar. In the restaurant, the classics are well represented: an outstanding smoked salmon, cured in-house and served with soda bread croutons; Dover sole and lobster; and Mey Selections beef.The menu shows flashes of playful experimentation, such as ham, egg and chips (jabugo ham, slow-poached duck egg and salsify chips), and jelly and ice cream (yuzu, coconut, melon, black sesame and rose). chamberlainsoflondon.com


MISFIRE: It can feel a little soulless on a quiet night when the market is nearly deserted.

BULLSEYE: Lemon sole filled with crab mousse is flavour-packed but light.

Meet the chef: Andrew Jones of Chamberlain’s, London 

The best thing on my menu is Dover sole – we have customers coming back two or three time a week to eat it. It’s served grilled or pan fried and is very simple. It’s all about the quality of the ingredient, cooking, and seasoning it perfectly!

In my fridge there’s always bacon, smoked salmon, cheese, caviar, jabugo ham and lobster – you must have some luxuries in life…

My favourite 15-minute supper to make at home is spaghetti aglio olio. Boil pasta for  8 minutes, warm some virgin olive oil, add garlic and chilli. Toss with pasta, season and grate a generous chunk of parmesan over the top… job done!  This goes really well with a grilled steak or fish.

A restaurant trend I see being the next big thing is more dishes being finished at the table, but with modern twists. As well as the waiters, the chefs themselves will be coming into the dining room to finish and serve up.

A fellow chef I admire is Martyn Nail, because I worked with him for over 12 years at Claridge’s and I will always have good memories of my time there. He gave me the opportunity to grow and develop my skills as a chef.!

I love eating out at The Old Red Lion in Kennington, because it’s my local pub and the food is good and very homely. They do a good pint, too!

A place I love that not many people know about is The Ropewalk, Maltby Street Market. It’s like Borough Market, but less commercial and not as touristy.

My guilty pleasure is pork pies! I love them, especially with Branston Pickle or English mustard.

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