Advertisement promotion: win a year’s supply of sausages with Debbie & Andrew’s

Love sausages? Then this is the competition for you. Just come up with a brilliant sausage flavour that impresses chef and TV presenter Andy Bates, and you could see your design made and sold across the UK next year...


The competition

Want to win a year’s supply of sausages? Of course you do! Sausage-makers Debbie & Andrew’s are hosting a competition to win a year’s supply of their sausages, and all you have to do is tell them what your dream sausage flavour is…


Chef and TV presenter Andy Bates will help the Debbie & Andrew’s team pick the winning sausage, which will then be made and sold on the 2016 roadshow. “I want to encourage people to explore what makes something taste good,” says Andy. “I think it’s important to use fresh, quality ingredients and also to understand where they come from”.

The Quest for the Best ‘Make My Sausage’ Challenge is open to everyone, and Andy is on the lookout for flavours that champion quality ingredients, freshness and superb taste. How about marmalade and pork? Or Marmite? Ginger Nuts, even?

Andy will follow the winning sausage through Debbie & Andrew’s production process, filming all the stages involved in preparing the winning sausage. “Good sausages can make a great meal,” says Andy. “But only when they’re made well and can meet my simple criteria – quality ingredients, freshness and great taste.” 

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As part of The Quest for the Best challenge, Andy will also be identifying ‘food and harvest heroes’, helping to inspire more people to become involved in community celebrations. To nominate a harvest or food hero and to find out about Debbie & Andrew’s micro sponsorships offering, click here.


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