Best steak recipes

Whether you're entertaining at the weekend or planning a special weeknight meal, don't miss our best ever succulent steak recipes. Think fresh chimichurri steak, lamb steaks with feta, tomato and rosemary, teriyaki steak skewers with chopped green Asian salad and côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots.

Looking for steak recipes? We’ve got lots of easy steak recipes to choose from for ribeye, sirloin and fillet steak and more...


Try our quick and easy Asian steak salad recipe for a midweek meal or make our coffee-rubbed steak for a show-stopping steak dinner idea.

If you want to know how to sear the perfect steak, here is our expert guide, including a handy how-to video.


First, try our perfect steak recipe here…

Learn how to cook the best steak of your life with the help of olive cookery writer and ex-chef Adam Bush.

Impressive steak cuts

If you want an alternative steak recipe, try one of our ideas including coffee-rubbed dry-aged T-bone steak. 

Togarashi tomahawk

This BBQ steak recipe is a real crowd pleaser. We have created a togarashi spice mix to give the steak Japanese flavours of sesame, nori seaweed and zesty dried mandarin, and basted the steak in miso and rice wine vinegar.

Coffee-rubbed steak with lemon coriander butter

Packing a real flavour punch, this on-trend steak rub is guaranteed to change your life. Our delicious December 2016 cover recipe for tender T-bone steak is really quick and easy to make but the real challenge is trying not to drool as the herby butter discs slowly melt into the coffee-infused meat.

Portuguese prego with green piri-piri

Check out our vibrant and punchy Portuguese prego sandwich using rump steak. This simple steak sandwich recipe is served all over Portugal – the green piri-piri, although not traditional, gives a massive flavour boost.

Hanger steak, braised greens, wild garlic, lemon and olive oil

Check out this super succulent steak with crunchy garlic greens. This easy dish comes from Little Duck The Picklery restaurant in Dalston, and it's perfect for a quick date night dinner.

Sirloin steak recipes

Want an easy sirloin steak recipe for dinner? From our easy Asian steak salad to sizzling steak fajitas, we've got great sirloin steak recipes for you to try.

Star anise and soy broth with seared steak

Check out our simple beef broth recipe with crunchy mangetout and sweet baby corn. This easy noodle soup recipe is ready in 30 minutes and it's low in calories.

Chargrilled steak with Tabasco butter and avocado salad

This recipe for chargrilled steak with Tabasco butter and avocado salad is guaranteed to be a new favourite. The Tabasco butter adds a spicy kick and the avocado salad keeps it fresh, ideal for a Friday night dinner.

Sizzling steak fajitas

Check out our lower calorie steak fajitas recipe. These fajitas are super easy to make and take no time at all. Serve in the middle of the table and dig in for a crowd pleasing steak dinner recipe. Check out our Mexican fiesta ideas here.

Balsamic-glazed steak with garlicky green beans

Take dinner to the next level with this sirloin steak recipe. The sirloin is fried in balsamic for a sticky sweet finish. Serve green beans cooked in garlic and cloves on the side for a slightly spicy side dish.

Steak sandwich with buttered onion

Our classic steak sandwich is really easy to prepare and dressed with fresh rocket leaves, buttery onions and a good dash of Worcestershire sauce for extra flavour. Serve with some chips and tuck in for an indulgent steak dinner recipe. Click here to find our sandwich recipes.

Spicy steak rotis with tamarind and griddled cucumber

This recipe for spicy steak rotis with tamarind and grilled cucumber is a great new way to eat steak. It's easy but packs in a lot of flavour, perfect for a midweek meal.

Lemon and pepper steak with warm potato salad

An easy peppery steak recipe served with a hearty, warm green bean, tomato and potato salad. This makes a great quick after-work supper for two, on the table in less than 20 minutes.

Steak and onions with celeriac mash

Looking for an alternative way to serve sirloin steak? Try this steak and celeriac dish which is quick and easy, yet full of flavour. Earthy celeriac is a great alternative to chips and works perfectly with the rich red wine sauce.

Fillet steak recipes

Looking for fillet steak recipes? Check out our best ever fillet steak meals, from easy salads to show-stopping steak with chimchurri sauce.

Fillet steak with chimichurri

Why not make this fillet steak recipe with punchy chimichurri salsa for a spicy steak recipe? This quick and easy steak idea for two is ready in less than 15 minutes making it a quick midweek meal. Looking for more 15-minute meals? Check out our guide, here.

Steak and winter greens

Looking for a warm winter salad recipe that is quick and easy? Try making this easy steak recipe for a midweek meal. The steak makes it more of a filling meal for dinner.

Spiced fillet steak with sweet potato wedges

This fillet steak recipe spiced with cumin and paprika is an easy way to add more flavour to the meat. Plus, serving with sweet potato wedges instead of chips cuts the calories to under 500.

Ribeye steak recipes

John Torode's côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots

John Torode's côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots makes for a great, indulgent steak for two. Make this steak recipe for a weekend treat using ribeye steak.

Steak salad recipes

Chargrilled steak with chopped salad and blue-cheese dressing

Check out our easy rump steak salad recipe with creamy blue cheese dressing. This low calorie salad is ready in 20 minutes, a quick midweek meal.

Asian steak salad

Try our Asian steak salad recipe for a quick midweek meal for two. This low calorie dinner is easy to make and packed with punchy flavour. Make this easy steak recipe for a steak dinner.

Steak, beetroot and asparagus salad

Steak always feels like a treat to us. This steak salad with asparagus and earthy beetroot is perfect for a lighter dinner during the summer months. It's less than 300 calories per portion and ready in under 30 minutes.

Steak dinner ideas

Bavette with creamed kale and seaweed

Check out this impressive bavette steak recipe with creamy kale and seaweed from chef Chase Lovecky of Two Lights in East London.

Steak bulgogi bowl

Want an alternative way to serve steak? Rump steak is marinated in Korean red pepper paste for extra flavour, and then served in a bowl of fresh veggies and steamed brown rice for a hearty midweek meal. Try our Korean recipes here.

Steak with creamy peppercorn sauce

The peppercorn adds a touch of indulgence to this quick and simple dish. It's a great idea for a speedy mid-week meal. Plus, you'll be surprised how easy it is to make your own peppercorn sauce.

Teriyaki steak skewers with chopped green Asian salad

Want to make steak skewers for an easy steak recipe? These teriyaki steak skewers with chopped green Asian salad comes in at under 500 calories and is packed with flavour for an easy steak dinner.

Lamb steak recipes

Lamb steaks with harissa-roasted sweet potatoes

Looking for a lamb steak recipe? Try this one served with harissa-roasted sweet potatoes for a quick and easy dinner to make at home. Ready in just half an hour, this is a really easy steak recipe.


Lamb steaks with feta, tomato and rosemary

Feta adds a tangy flavour that really works with the sweet lamb and juicy tomatoes in this Greek-style dish. Ready in 30 minutes, it makes a perfect, simple midweek supper using lamb steaks.

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