Best BBQ recipes

Our 62 best BBQ recipes help you celebrate the sunshine. From Mojito grilled chicken to the ultimate vegan burger, there's something for everyone

Looking for BBQ recipes? Here's our expert guide to creating the perfect BBQ. We have BBQ ideas to suit all your needs from burgers to BBQ skewers and BBQ chicken recipes. We've also included the best meaty showstoppers and some epic fish recipes for the BBQ.


Having lots of people over? Prepare one of our make-ahead summer desserts to serve to your guests, and whip up a batch of cocktails in jugs with our easy jug cocktail recipes for a crowd.

We have plenty of BBQ ideas, so pick and mix to tailor to your tastes. Enjoy the sun!

BBQ burger recipes

Our best burger recipes will get your BBQ going. Get the buns out and try our easy burger recipes, from the juiciest burger in town, to chicken burgers and even a vegan burger. We've picked a few below, but click here for our full list of burger recipes to try.

Double-swiss and green chilli relish burgers

Like cheese? Then you'll love this BBQ burger recipe. Treat yourself to a double-swiss burger, stacked high with beef, Emmenthal cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, and finished off with a green chilli and cornichon relish.

Ultimate grillable vegan burgers

Check out this vegan BBQ recipe for a burger with full-on flavour and a meaty texture. Suitable for the grill, these completely vegan loaded burgers are an absolute must at any barbecue. Try our vegetarian burger ideas here...

Spicy BBQ pulled pork buns with pickled slaw

Slow cooking is the best way to get juicy melt in the mouth pork shoulder. Take a look at our BBQ pulled pork recipe for succulent pork buns which are seriously tender - they're the perfect weekend crowd pleaser.

Miami-style blackened fish sandwich with smoked paprika mayo

Who said you couldn't barbecue fish? These fish sandwiches are a quick and healthy way to serve fish on the barbecue. Coat in spices and grill before stuffing into buns and serving with smoky paprika and lime mayo.

BBQ chicken recipes

Our BBQ chicken ideas include show-stopped whole grilled chicken, BBQ chicken wings and many more ideas to entertain your friends and family. For more exciting chicken recipes, click here...

BBQ buffalo chicken thighs with wedged ranch salad

Check out this epic bbq chicken thigh recipe with punchy buffalo sauce, fresh and crunchy iceberg lettuce and creamy ranch dressing. This easy recipe is perfect for a summertime bbq with friends and ready in under an hour.

BBQ roast chicken

Learn how to cook a perfectly seasoned and juicy chicken on the barbecue and get the most of your roast chicken with all the tricks of the trade from cookery writer Adam Bush.

Cider can chicken

Pack in new flavours and try out more adventurous cuts and techniques on the barbecue this summer. This BBQ chicken recipe is a real show-stopper. Cooking the chicken over a cider can keeps the meat moist while basting in a cider chimichurri.

Brazilian piri piri spatchcocked poussins

This simple chicken recipe is a barbecue must-have. Piri piri is the best marinade for grilled chicken or poussins, and it's quick and easy to make your own.

Mojito grilled chicken

We've given grilled chicken a mojito twist in this summery BBQ recipe. Rum and sugar caramelise well when cooked together in a marinade – do keep an eye on this as it cooks and adjust the grill to get a nicely browned skin without too much blackening. You can also barbecue the chicken if you like. Serve this delicious BBQ chicken recipe with rice and a tomato salad.

BBQ showstoppers

Our BBQ ideas will keep you going. If you're entertaining with a BBQ in the garden this summer, try our meaty centrepieces and serve with some inventive BBQ sides (recipes below). From spatchcocked poussin to Dr Pepper ribs and recipes for lamb chops.

Start with our tips on cooking meat on the BBQ:

  1. Start early. Light the coals or get the gas barbecue up to temperature, and tend it. The trick with low and slow barbecuing is to keep the temperature even. Brits tend to throw a whole bag of coal with a pack of firelighters and cook when it’s raging hot. Don’t. Start with a third of a bag, or find the right level on the gas and keep it there. This is an exercise in restraint and patience. Find your inner Zen. Use breathing techniques. Calmly does it.
  2. The meat is also important. Most cuts of brisket in the UK have been trimmed of almost all fat. You need this fat when cooking low and slow. It’ll keep the meat beautifully moist.
  3. Buy a meat thermometer. There are some people who can tell how the inside of a piece of meat is cooking from 1,000 yards away, most can’t. A meat thermometer lets you know exactly how the meat is cooking and when it’s ready.

Cajun picanha with bean salad

Check out this epic beef recipe with punchy cajun spices and a fresh bean salad. Picanha is also known as the top sirloin cap or the rump cap. Popular in the US and Brazil, it’s a pointed cut, so is great for serving a crowd as you’ll get well done to rare from the same piece of beef.

Miso-glazed ribs with Asian slaw

Check out these melt-in-the-mouth baby back ribs with a crunchy, vibrant Asian slaw for your next BBQ.

Beer-braised lamb tacos with charred green tomato salsa

Impress your friends at your next BBQ with these super tender lamb shoulder tacos. Serve with our homemade punchy green tomato salsa and a moreish bean salad. You can use regular red tomatoes for this if you can’t get green.

Vietnamese BBQ caramelised pork loin

Try our glazed Vietnamese BBQ pork dish. This recipe is great for family BBQs; it's delicately sweet, gluten-free and easily serves 6. Alternatively, this recipe works just as well when roasted.

Home-smoked brisket

Take a look at our epic home-smoked brisket BBQ idea - it's easy to prepare once you know what you're doing. Follow our expert tips to create the most tender meat centrepiece, it's all about low and slow...

Korean-style lamb chops with spicy sesame cucumber salad

An easy recipe for a Korean BBQ at home. Lamb chops marinated in a sweet-sour sauce, then grilled and served with spicy cucumber salad and chilli sauce.

Dr Pepper ribs

The caramel and spice flavours of the fizzy Dr Pepper drink add an extra dimension to these BBQ sticky ribs. A great, fun twist to your BBQ.

Easy griddle breads with lamb, dill and yogurt topping

These easy griddle breads with lamb, dill and yogurt topping make a great barbecue supper for the family. The lamb is packed full of delicious Middle Eastern flavours, and the pomegranate seeds provide a juicy crunch.

Plum and sesame lamb cutlets

Rosie Birkett's plum and sesame lamb cutlets are the ideal family BBQ recipe. The delicious, sweet, sticky glaze with a kick of spicy sriracha works so well with lamb and the spring onions add a crunch of freshness. They look fantastic, and are sure to be a hit at your next barbecue.

BBQ skewer recipes

BBQ kebabs are perfect for entertaining over the summer. Check out our skewer ideas, from yakitori chicken to popular halloumi kebabs. Find our full collection of BBQ skewers recipes here...

Harissa-honey sausage skewers

Check out these honey glazed cocktail sausages with harissa. These quick and easy skewers are super simple to make and ready in just 30 minutes, a perfect side to your summer bbq.

Sriracha-and-lime-marinated chicken skewers

Check out these easy chicken skewers with a punchy, zingy marinade. These chicken skewers are super simple to make and ready in no time, perfect bbq food.

Bun cha

Take a look at our Vietnamese BBQ idea. Bun cha is very easy to prepare as the sizzling pork is served with a make-ahead salad of cold noodles, herbs and beansprouts, and a punchy dipping sauce. For more Vietnamese recipes for the BBQ, click here.

Grilled padron peppers and chorizo skewers with honey drizzle

These sticky grilled padron peppers and chorizo skewers with honey drizzle make the perfect BBQ starter to serve with drinks over the summer months. What's more, they're super quick and easy to make.

BBQ sides recipes

Try our BBQ side dishes to create the perfect summer entertaining spread, from Mexican-style corn on the cob to smoky aubergines and tear-and-share garlic bread. Click here for plenty more BBQ side dishes ideas..

Herb, watermelon and rice noodle salad

Try our gluten free Vietnamese style herb, watermelon and rice noodle salad. This refreshing recipe makes a great BBQ side dish and is ready in less than 30 minutes. What's more, it's low in calories.

BBQ fish sauce wings

Check out these sweet and sticky BBQ chicken wings. This gluten-free recipe is super easy to make and a real crowd pleaser at any summer BBQ.

Cobb salad with green goddess dressing

Cobb salad is an American classic of chopped tomatoes, avocado, leaves and crisp bacon. Our version of this authentic BBQ side dish adds blue cheese, sourdough croutons and a green goddess dressing.

Spiced corn on the cob

This recipe for spiced corn on the cob is based on a grilled Mexican street snack but gets a bump of flavour from punchy Korean gochuchang sauce. If you can’t find it, use any garlicky chilli sauce.  This veggie BBQ side dish is a great way to pep-up sweetcorn for your next barbecue.

Smoky miso aubergines

Miso and aubergine is a match made in heaven, and this recipe is perfect for the BBQ this summer. Make sure you check the miso is vegan, if that's the diet you follow.

Mozzarella and basil bread

Our favourite garlic bread recipe, perfect for a BBQ side. Stuff baguettes with mozzarella, basil and garlic, then BBQ or bake for a delicious twist on this family favourite. We've got plenty of exciting bread recipes to bake and serve with your BBQ burgers, meats and salads.

Blistered runner beans with bagna cauda

Revamp your runner beans this summer with our pan-fried recipe. This BBQ side idea is matched with a super fresh and zesty dip called banga cauda.


BBQ seafood recipes

It's not all about the meat! Our BBQ seafood recipes are a great way to add something a bit more refreshing and light to the BBQ spread. Here are our top seafood recipes to whack on the grill...

BBQ scallops

Check out our easy barbecue scallop recipe, perfect for a quick yet impressive dinner party starter. You’ll need to get scallops in shells from a fishmonger – ask them to clean them for you and keep the shells for cooking. If you’re grilling, use little beds of coarse salt to keep the scallops level.

Grilled Portuguese sardines

Check out these sweet and peppery crispy sardines, ready in 20 minutes. These are great on a griddle, but will also work on the BBQ when the weather warms up. Serve with a big green salad and lots of crusty bread.

Whole sea bream with chilli and lemongrass

Our BBQ fish recipe for delicately soft barbecued sea bream, with a fiery chilli and punchy lemongrass marinade, makes for a great summer BBQ. In Phu Quoc and coastal regions of Vietnam, huge tanks of live fish and shellfish are a common sight in markets. Customers barter for what they want, choose a marinade and dipping sauce, and it all gets cooked on a huge charcoal grill in minutes.

Barbecued squid with charred lemon and caper dressing

This recipe for barbecued squid with charred lemon and caper dressing is really quick and easy to make, but it tastes delicious and looks impressive - perfect for entertaining. The simple charred lemon and caper dressing works well with the fresh squid. Recipe by Rosie Birkett.

Smoked trout, new potato and grilled cucumber salad

Our recipe for smoked trout, new potato and grilled cucumber salad is a great one to make for a summer BBQ. You need a BBQ with a lid that closes and wood chips to create the smoke for the trout and potatoes. If you don’t want to smoke your own fish, you can use lightly smoked raw trout or salmon and cook it in the oven instead.

Lime grilled salmon tacos with avocado cream

These zesty lime grilled salmon tacos with avocado cream are a great option for when it's hot outside. They're ready in just 20 minutes, making them perfect for when it's too hot to stand by a hot grill for ages. Try our taco recipes here...

Vegetarian BBQ recipes

Let vegetarian BBQ recipes take centre stage at your next BBQ. We have plenty of vegetarian BBQ ideas to make sure your veggie friends are impressed. Our favourites are below, but there are plenty more vegetarian BBQ recipes to explore here.

Grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt

We love avocado! This vegetarian BBQ recipe for grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt has even been promoted to a BBQ star.

Turmeric and coconut paneer with charred naans

Our recipe for turmeric and coconut paneer with charred naans makes the perfect vegetarian BBQ skewers. Use an old baking tray to cook the naans as it wont be fit for using in the oven afterwards. Alternatively, cook them in a heavy-based frying pan on the hob until golden and puffed on both sides.

Pepper and feta parcels

Sweet peppers and tangy feta make for a great combination. This is a great BBQ dish for vegetarians, as the foil keeps the peppers separate from meat and fish while cooking.

BBQ dessert recipes

Check out our easy BBQ dessert ideas! BBQ desserts are best prepared ahead and popped in the fridge to bring out at the last minute, so we've pulled together our favourite fridge cakes, cheesecakes and pavlova recipes.

For a really simple BBQ dessert idea, make a batch of ice cream in advance and pop on the table with ice cream cones... then let everyone dig in.

Looking for a show-stopping sundae recipe? Try our easy, fun ice cream sundae ideas for kids and adults here...

Freezer key lime pie

This pie freezes brilliantly, so it’s a great make-ahead pud for dinner with friends. It’s best to freeze it before the cream goes on top, just add the topping before serving and there you have it - a delicious BBQ dessert ready in under an hour. 

Apricot cheesecake bars

Check out these bright summery cheesecake bars. We've used fresh seasonal apricots and crunchy amaretti biscuits for this after-dinner treat! 

Try one of our best ever cheesecake recipes

Cheesecake is a real crowdpleaser, and we've got loads of recipes to choose from. Try raspberry and milk chocolate, baked cheesecakes, lemon cheesecakes to round off your family barbecue perfectly.

Malted milk and caramel ice cream pie

This malted milk and caramel ice-cream pie is a great make-ahead BBQ dessert that everyone will love. It will keep for up to a week, wrapped in clingfilm in the freezer.


Maple honeycomb ice cream

Why not whip up a batch of homemade ice cream and let everyone at the BBQ party make their own ice cream cones? We have plenty of ice cream recipes to choose from.

Finally, to complete the BBQ, make sure you make a batch of jug cocktails using our fun recipes.

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