Vegan chilli recipe

Vegan chilli recipes

Our plant-based chillis make ideal sharing food for the whole family, from punchy quinoa varieties to a flavour-packed chipotle black bean

Looking for a vegan bean chilli? Want the best chilli ‘non’ carne? Try our best vegan chilli ideas below.


Best vegan chilli recipes

Vegan chilli non carne

A sweet ‘n’ smoky chilli NON carne recipe (see what we did there?) with vegan mince, two types of bean and plenty of spices for added kick. For a truly vegan chilli look for vegan mince here, or use Quorn for a veggie chilli (contains egg white).

Vegan Chilli Recipe

Vegan black bean chilli

Check out our easy slow-cooker chilli with fiery chipotle. This is a hearty take on the classic chilli con carne that the whole family will love. To make vegan, serve without the soured cream addition.

Chipotle Black Bean Chilli Recipe

Vegan quinoa chilli with black beans

This quinoa and black bean chilli recipe is high in protein and vegan – but still tastes impossibly creamy.

Easy Vegan Chilli Recipe with Quinoa

Sweet potato chilli con carne

Our low calorie veggie chilli is under 500 calories and packed with flavour from the sweet potato and quinoa – a perfect warming midweek meal. More easy vegan dinner recipes to try here…

Quinoa Chilli Recipe with Sweet Potato

Butternut squash chilli

If you love chilli and have been looking for a great vegetarian version, this is the recipe for you. Butternut squash is mixed with quinoa, tomatoes and kidney beans to make a quick and satisfying meal-in-one.

Butternut Squash Chilli Recipe with Quinoa