Stuffed Turkey Crown Recipe

Easy turkey crown recipes

For hassle-free cooking this Christmas, try a turkey crown. A crown can be prepped ahead, there’s no waste, it carves beautifully and it only takes two hours to cook, so is the ultimate Christmas roast! Try our succulent Italian-style to lightly spiced harissa-coated recipes

Do you want to know how to cook the perfect turkey crown? These fuss-free centrepieces are easy to make but sure to impress. Cooking turkey crown is made super easy in our step-by-step recipes, from herb-stuffed to turkey crown with bacon. 


Plus we’ve got the best whole turkey recipes and all the sides and trimmings to go with it for Christmas, including the best gravy and the our ultimate roasties!

Best turkey crown recipes

Easy turkey crown recipe

Make our sage and butter-basted turkey crown for a succulent centrepiece. This herb butter will keep the white turkey meat extra juicy and it can be on the table in just 2 hours for a fuss-free Christmas.

Turkey Crown copy

Turkey crown with bacon recipe

We’ve packed this turkey crown with our homemade herby sausage, sage and parmesan stuffing, perfect for a standout Christmas centrepiece. Plus, it’s covered in crispy bacon for extra salty goodness!

Porchetta-Style Roast Turkey Recipe

Prosciutto-wrapped turkey crown

Looking for the perfect Christmas centrepiece? Try our crispy wrapped turkey with our homemade herb rub! We’ve made cooking turkey crown easy with our step-by step guide.

Stuffed Turkey Recipe | How to Make Prosciutto-Wrapped Turkey

Italian-style turkey crown recipe with saffron butter

Turkey crown is easy to stuff and cook and even easier to carve. We’ve served this one with a vibrant saffron butter, perfect for a no-fuss Christmas dinner that’s still impressive!

Italian-Style Turkey Recipe with Saffron Butter

Turkey crown with cranberry gravy

A turkey crown cooks a lot quicker than a whole bird. Try this recipe with a crispy sweet orange and honey glaze for a flavourful festive feast!

Turkey Crown Recipe with Cranberry Gravy

Turkey crown recipe with cider gravy

Cider, apples onion and thyme make the best gravy to go along with our easy turkey crown with bacon, just add roasties and you’ve got the perfect centrepiece!

Turkey Crown Recipe with Cider Gravy

Harissa-spiced turkey crown with preserved lemon couscous

Spice up your Christmas turkey with harissa and saffron and serve with all the trimmings or this zesty lemon couscous.

Turkey Crown Recipe with Harissa