The best ever store cupboard recipes: eat well for less

Next time you find yourself with an empty fridge and no spare cash, try one of our simple, delicious recipe ideas that you can make using ingredients from your store cupboard. These cheap recipes make eating well for less much more simple and inspiring.

It’s the usual tired tale: work was challenging, energy levels are running low, and dinnertime is looming. Cooking is the last thing on your mind. The temptation of picking up the phone and ordering in is overpowering, how could you possibly whip up a decent meal with a bare fridge?


Next time you find yourself in a similar position, just put down the phone, bin those takeout menus and have a good look around your cupboards. If you have a decently stocked kitchen, chances are, you’ll have enough food to make a quick and imaginative meal. All you need is a pinch of creativity. Below are some simple recipes you can make by using ingredients you already have at home; may the cupboard raiding begin.

Mac ‘n’ cheese

Pasta is definitely one of the easiest, and quickest things to make. The best thing about it is that it goes well with pretty much any topping. If you have some cheese in your fridge and fancy a warm, hearty meal, have a go at making our crisp topped mac & cheese.

Tagliatelle with peas and summer green pesto

If you fancy pasta but want some greens as well, find the frozen peas in your freezer and whip up an easy veggie tagliatelle.

Suppli’ al telefono

You don’t know what to do with last night’s risotto but the thought of throwing it in the bin makes you feel guilty. That dilemma can easily be solved: turn those leftovers into a meal. All you’ll need is some breadcrumbs, eggs, and flour.

Breakfast for dinner

Turning typical morning-time recipes into dinnertime can be a fun, easy way-out of trekking to your local supermarket. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, French toast, baked beans…the possibilities are endless.

Grilled cheese

Bread is the one thing you’ll almost always have at home, fresh or frozen. It is extremely versatile: it can be combined with pretty much anything and still taste good.


Eggs are also standard stock in any kitchen. Scramble some eggs, pack them full of any vegetables you have left in your fridge, and dinner will be ready in less than 10 minutes.

Written by Anna d’Alessio

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