Mix And Match Mac 'N' Cheese Bar Recipe

Best macaroni cheese recipes

Pick from our favourite versions of this classic American comfort food, including slow-cooked beef shin macaroni, smoky mac 'n' cheese fondue, or even our mix and match mac 'n' cheese bar

Check out our easy mac and cheese recipes and watch all your friends and family run to the table. We have recipes for perfectly creamy mac and cheese, from vegetarian mac and cheese to easy baked macaroni and cheese with rich beef ragu. We even have a fun idea for a mix and match bar for easy entertaining. Make your favourite macaroni and cheese recipe from the list below. Or, if you’re in the mood for cheese, check out our best cheese recipes in the world here.


Easy Mac and cheese recipes

Classic Mac ‘n’ cheese

This warming comfort food classic only needs five ingredients, and hits the spot every time. Perfect when you’re in the mood to cuddle-up with a bowl of cheesy carbs.

Butternut squash mac and cheese

Macaroni cheese gets an autumnal twist thanks to the addition of butternut squash. This is sure to please everyone at the table.

Hawksmoor’s macaroni and cheese

This great macaroni cheese recipe comes from Hawksmoor’s restaurants – famous for excellent steak. Quick and easy, this version of the classic is sure to become your new favourite!

Hawksmoor’s Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Crisp topped macaroni and cheese

Comfort food at its best. Mac and cheese is always a winner and this one, with shredded ham and a crispy top is top of our list. Fresh salad is good as a side.

Crisp Baked Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Vegan mac and cheese

Our vegan expert Richard Makin shares his secrets to perfecting this plant-based version of a comforting classic, made extra rich and indulgent with white miso.

Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe

Cauliflower mac ’n’ cheese

Cauliflower cheese meets macaroni cheese in this dream of a recipe, perfect for feeding a hungry crowd.

Cauliflower mac n cheese

Chorizo and bacon mac ’n’ cheese

Jazz up mac ‘n’ cheese with salty bacon and smoky chorizo for the ultimate midweek family meal ready in an hour.

Chorizo Mac and Cheese Recipe

Mac ‘n’ greens pie

Turn your macaroni cheese into an impressive pie, complete with crisp parmesan topping and oozing centre. This recipe also includes spring greens, which up the flavour and nutritional value.

Macaroni Cheese Pie Recipe

Mac ’n’ cheese with ham and pickled onions

Got ham or gammon to use up from the festive season? Check out our easy macaroni and cheese recipe with cooked ham, pickled onions and three types of cheese.

Mac and Cheese with Ham Recipe

One-pan mac ’n’ cheese with salsa topping

Check out these super easy veggie mac ‘n’ cheese one-pans, topped with a punchy salsa. This simple recipe is a real treat without the calories, plus it’s ready in just 25 minutes.

Easy Macaroni and Cheese with Salsa

Mac and cheese with rich beef ragu

We’ve reinvented a classic macaroni cheese dish by adding a hidden layer of rich beef ragu to make it really special and indulgent. For more ragu recipes, click here.  Or, if it’s comfort food you’re after, find it here.

mac 'n' cheese

Macaroni cheese with greens

This easy baked mac and cheese recipe is super creamy and indulgent. This recipe comes from Marcus Samuelsson of Shoreditch’s Red Rooster restaurant (check out its full menu here).

Macaroni and Cheese With Greens Recipe

Mix and match mac and cheese bar

Put the mac ‘n’ cheese out with a serving spoon then put the toppings in little bowls and let everyone add their own. You’ll need to use your biggest baking dish for this or split it between 2 smaller ones. We have lots more crowd-pleasing recipes are here.

Mix and match mac 'n' cheese bar

Courgette mac and cheese with garlic sourdough crumbs

In the US, mac and cheese often, has its own section on the menu, with a choice of flavourings. Courgette and garlicky crumbs get our vote. This recipe is easy but super comforting. Find more courgette recipes here.

Courgette Mac And Cheese Recipe With Garlic Sourdough Crumbs

Beef shin macaroni and cheese

This epic slow-cooked beef dish comes from legendary London steak house, Hawksmoor. Beef shin is cooked in red wine and stock until meltingly tender then macaroni and cheese is added and baked to golden, bubbly perfection.

Macaroni And Cheese With Beef Shin From Hawksmoor

Mac ‘n’ cheese pots

The ultimate comfort food for a gloomy day. These mini mac ‘n’ cheese pots are full of the gooey-deliciousness of cheddar, gruyère and grana padano, baked for a crispy top. Use veggie cheese instead if required.

Smoky mac ‘n’ cheese fondue

The best family meal for macaroni cheese. Made with smoked cheese, it’s easy, filling and delicious. Makes plenty for a hearty midweek meal.

Smoky Mac And Cheese Fondue Recipe

Mac and cheese with bacon

How do you make mac ‘n’ cheese better? Add bacon of course!  This oozing cheesy pasta bake is also rich with Red Leicester and finished with a crunchy breadcrumb topping. Double up the recipe for a family meal.


Mustard mac and cheese with pastrami and crumbs

A fun twist on the American classic mac ‘n’ cheese. Pastrami and spring onions are baked with the macaroni and there is a great crunchy, golden breadcrumb topping. 

Mustard Mac And Cheese Recipe With Pastrami and Crumbs