Peter Weeden’s Tamworth pork pie for Action Against Hunger

Peter Weeden from Newman Street Tavern won The Great British Pie Off with this delicious Tamworth pork pie. Make your own to help raise awareness for Action Against Hunger.


For the pastry


plain flour 750g 

rendered fat 250g

hot water 200ml

salt 10g

white pepper a pinch

icing sugar 1 tsp

egg 1

For the filling

Tamworth pork 1kg, minced

Tamworth pork 500g, diced

salt 17g per kg

white pepper a pinch

allspice a tiny pinch

For the jelly

trotters 4

onion 1

carrot 1

celery stick 1

pepper corns 10

bay leaves 25

gelatin leaf 10-30g

Step 1 – Jelly

Salt the trotters overnight with rock salt and rinse. Boil the trotters, skim mercilessly then add the veg and herbs. Simmer for 6-10 hours, skimming carefully. Pass the stock & reduce until it has lots of flavour – beware of the salt if over reduced. Set a little in the fridge then add gelatine leaf to fortify if not firm enough to cut with a knife (10-30g per litre depending on preferred firmness)

Step 2 – Pastry

Boil the fat and water then add to the dry ingredients. Mix briefly till formed into a good ball, more like a dough than a pastry. Don’t over mix!

Roll out whilst warm to about 5-6mm and line your pie mould (I use a specially made tin, but you can hand-raise around a jar or bottle of choice with 3/4 of the pastry, and chill for five minutes to make sturdy enough to receive the filling.

Fill with the pie mix ensuring an even spread of the mix and no large gaps or air pockets. Leave enough space at the top to get the pastry lid (the 1/4 remainder) to overlap. I stick this down with egg wash, which is rubbed onto the surface till sticky before placing the lid on, trimming and crimping.

Cut at least one hole in the lid to allow steam to escape then chill for half an hour to set before cooking.

Step 3 – Assembling

Start at 200 degrees for 30 mins in a fan oven then reduce to 160 degrees for 1hr 40 mins or even 2 hours for really crisp pastry.

Allow to cool for 30 mins then add the jelly via the steam hole, it will soak up more than you ever imagine but it will take a couple of hours so don’t give up.

Once saturated & full to the brim, chill overnight.

Turn out with a firm tap downwards with the top of a corner of the tin on the edge of a hard surface, making sure you are ready to catch the falling pie!

Serve with mustard, piccalilli or a sweet vegetable chutney or relish as your fancy takes you.


(We haven’t made this pie in our test kitchen.)