Cinnamon Rolls (Cinnamon Buns) Recipe

Best cinnamon buns recipes

Check out our top cinnamon rolls recipes for an indulgent teatime treat or Scandinavian style breakfast

Looking for the best cinnamon rolls recipes? We’ve got easy cinnamon buns and cinnamon swirls recipes to try here. From traditional Swedish cinnamon buns, to cardamom buns and Danish chocolate-covered cinnamon rolls, we’ve got your Scandi bun craving covered…


Easy cinnamon swirls

Sticky and sweet, cinnamon buns are a Scandinavian and North American favourite, served for breakfast or as a satisfying snack. Also known as cinnamon swirls or cinnamon rolls, our step-by-step guide will help you make perfect treats for friends and family. 

Cinnamon buns

Quick cinnamon buns

Check out our easiest ever cinnamon buns. Bake and enjoy now or save for a weekend breakfast – just make sure to eat them warm from the oven.

Easy Cinnamon Bun Recipe

Bread Station Danish cinnamon rolls

We like big buns, and we cannot lie! So we got the recipe for this chocolate-drizzled cinnamon roll from East London’s newest Danish bakery, The Bread Station. Do bear in mind that this recipe requires extra proving time.

Cinnamon Rolls (Cinnamon Buns) Recipe

Toffee apple cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon buns are a really popular treat and apples, caramel and cinnamon make these gorgeously sticky buns a great brunch bake. Dried active yeast needs to be reactivated in water and gives a better rise than fast-action yeast. Find it in tubs in the baking aisle.

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with Toffee and Apple

Hot cross kannelbullar

This recipe mashes up a classic Scandi cinnamon bun with spicy hot cross bun flavours – perfect for impressing guests over Easter bank holiday.

Kanelbullar Recipe (Swedish Cinnamon Rolls)

Vegan cinnamon rolls

Check out these easy cinnamon rolls. Tahini, cardamom and dates give these rolls a lovely creamy twist. Bake for a weekend breakfast or for a great mid-morning snack.

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls Recipe With Tahini, Cardamom and Dates