What is skrei?

We explain what skrei, a type of Norwegian cod, is and tell you the best ways to cook it. Plus: recipes that would work well with skrei, including grilled skrei with capers and lemon, and skrei with tomato and chorizo sauce.

Skrei is a Norwegian cod, in it’s prime right now (March and April). It’s protected by a set of quality guidelines, such as how big the fish is when it’s caught; the condition of its scales (for quality control); and the way its caught, including a strict 12 hour packaging deadline once it’s out of the water. It’s a very lean fish, and is sustainably sourced.


Skrei has a very delicate flavour but quite a meaty texture which can withhold a lot of flavour. We tried skrei pan fried with butter and tarragon; and also rubbed with oregano, ground cumin and paprika for a smoky blackened fish that we served with a coriander and radish slaw. It works really well grilled, roasted or pan-fried. So try it now, while it’s at its best!

Click the links for recipes that would work well with skrei:

The city barge’s soy-glazed, blackened cod loin

Grilled fish with capers and lemon

Cod with tomato and chorizo sauce

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