Timbré restaurant in Singapore chooses drones over waiters

Singapore is facing a shortage of waiting staff. Their solution? Drone waiters. Even though it sounds like something straight out of a science fiction film, it’s real, and it’s happening right now.

Timbré, a live-music restaurant in Singapore, is currently spicing up its dinner experience by employing a fleet of flying drones as waitstaff. These drones, made by Infinium robotics, are controlled by a computer programme, and are able to navigate through the air thanks to infra-red sensors placed around the restaurant. They whizz above hungry customers and bring food to restaurant patrons and designated drop-off areas. What’s not to like?


The current design allows these drones to carry up to 4.4 pounds of material in a single trip, which is the equivalent of two pints of beer, two glasses of wine, and a delicious pizza. They were ‘perfected’ and amended after one flew into a man’s head in a TGI Friday’s in New York late last year. The latest technology allows them to detect other drones, fly in formation, and dodge stationary objects.

Even though it would seem that they can do everything, human waiters will not be left out of the picture: drones will only supplement the workforce, therefore the ‘human touch’ will not be lost. Wait staff will still be present to interact with customers, and focus on hospitality and service.

Is this a significant step forward in the field of technology and restaurant hospitality? As with all initiatives, this one too was met with awe and skepticism. But as far as we’re concerned, getting our food served faster than usual can only be a positive thing…


Written by Annalisa D’Alessio @annaa18x