Streetsmart card

olive partners with charity StreetSmart to help tackle homelessness

StreetSmart has been announced as olive's chosen charity for the Christmas period. The charity supports local projects tackling rough sleeping and homelessness through modest £1 donations from those dining out in participating restaurants

This year olive has decided to support StreetSmart as its charity for the Christmas period.


Between 2015-16, it’s estimated that more than 8,000 people in London alone had no shelter from the wind or rain, and nowhere safe to call home at night. Homelessness is a real problem, across the UK and beyond, and StreetSmart provides a very simple way of helping those in crisis.

“I’ve been working with StreetSmart for years and for me supporting them is an absolute no-brainer.

We know from our own research that more than a third of olive readers dine out at least once a week and, for those of you that do, you spend an average of £60 a week on eating out.

StreetSmart adds a modest £1 to dining bills in participating restaurants, meaning every time you eat out, you can donate and help someone in need, when they most need it.”

Laura Rowe, editor of olive magazine

The StreetSmart initiative takes place annually in participating restaurants every November and December nationwide. For the past 18 years, 100% of all funds raised have gone on to support local projects tackling rough sleeping and the prevention of homelessness.

To take part, all you have to do is accept the voluntary £1 that is added to your table’s bill at the end of the meal.

Last year StreetSmart managed to raise over £500,000 thanks to the 525 participating restaurants, but with your help that number can only increase.


More than 23 regions and cities are set to get involved with the StreetSmart campaign this year. For a full list of the participating restaurants and hotels near you, the homeless projects funded, and the partners supporting StreetSmart, visit