Do you skip 260 meals a year?

A new study has found that the average Brit skips 260 meals a year, with 156 of those being breakfast. We unveil the potential pitfalls of such habits and how to eat well on a busy schedule with some of our quick and easy recipes.

We Brits are busier than ever. With kids, school runs, housekeeping, shopping, socialising (if you’re lucky), and exercising, alongside an ever-elongating working week, food comes pretty far down in our list of priorities.


A new study, conducted by Huel powdered foods, found that on average we skip five meals a week (one for each working day) – more specifically, three breakfasts, one lunch and one dinner. Breakfast is the most popular meal to skip, with 156 being missed per person every year. 

Predictably, time is the biggest factor behind this lifestyle trend. 82% of those surveyed claimed they ‘don’t have time to eat’. A hefty 73% said they ‘forget’ to eat, with bigger things to worry about. 68% said ‘I can’t be bothered to cook/prepare food’; 56% blamed a lack of culinary prowess; and 48% said that they simply preferred to snack. 

But the consequences of skipping meals are surprisingly serious. Without food, our blood sugar levels drop, leading to mood swings, poor concentration and lethargy, which is usually followed by overeating later on. Over time, this blood sugar roller coaster of fasting and binging can lead to weight gain, diabetes and a barrage of other health concerns. 

Remember, dinner can be made in 20 minutes; a salad thrown together in five. Breakfast can be made the night before (see our bircher muesli recipe), or if you really don’t have time, try batch-cooking some breakfast muffins at the weekends, along with a big pot of chilli, that can be baked, stuffed into tacos, folded into fajitas or topped onto buttery jackets for a week of easy and delicious dinners.

Written by Molly Shrimpton

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