10 food words and phrases that we never use in olive

'Yummy', 'washed down with', 'nom', 'eatery'... no, no, no! We've made a list of the food words and phrases you'll NEVER see on olive. Have we missed anything out?

Our style at olive is to write as we talk: informed but unpretentious, and with a sense of humour.


And we never, ever use these terms:

Tasty – too vague

Cooked to perfection – whose version of perfection are we talking about?

Scrummy or yummy – we’re not still in nursery school

Fare or fayre – we won’t be mentioning gammon from chain pubs

Eatery – do you stop off at these on days out at the buyeries?

Washed down with/lashings of – too Famous Five

Funky – just like dad at a wedding

For best results – no, let’s make a mediocre version, shall we?

Moist – gives us the heebie jeebies

Nom nom nom – no, no no. 


What words and phrases make you seethe? Let us know!