Best BBQ gadgets 2015

Forget the novelties, read our guide to the essential barbecue gadgets that you need this year. Get the tools right, and everything else will be come infinitely easier.

Arm yourself with the correct equipment: you don’t need the full apron/holster barbecue-mageddon battledress that makes an appearance in shops every year. But you will need tools that won’t melt, and will allow you to barbecue safely.


Chimney starter

If you cook with coals often, buy one of these. They help light your charcoal easily using just a few balls of scrunched-up newspaper and a match.

Lumpwood charcoal

You need good quality charcoal; it’s easier to light and burns more cleanly. Look for sustainably produced British charcoal. dorsetcharcoal.co.uk, londonwoodfuels.co.uk

Natural wood firelighters

Twists of wax-dipped wood-shaving that catch light easily. certainlywood.co.uk

Long-handled tongs

30cm at least; any shorter and you might grill your wrists.

Long-handled basting brush

Long for the same reason as the tongs.

Meat thermometer

This should have an easy-to-read face and a probe to stick in the meat. The Weber Instant-Read Barbecue Thermometer is easy to use. £14.99, johnlewis.com


Long, flat, and with a twist to stop ingredients sliding back down them. U-shaped skewers are also good as meat will stay in place when threaded onto them.

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