Five beers to match with chocolate

Fancy cracking a beer open this Easter? Read our guide to what beer to match with what chocolate, including the best beer to drink with a Creme Egg...

Chocolate Porter and Cadbury’s Creme Egg 

Meantime’s chocolate porter is aged in maturation vessels with high cacao Belgian liquid chocolate and then finished off with a touch of vanilla essence before packaging. The rich chocolate and light vanilla notes match perfectly with the creamy inside of a Creme Egg (trust us).


Waitrose stocks Meantime’s Chocolate Porter 

Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Ale and Cadbury Caramel 

The Nut Brown Ale from Sam Smith’s has obvious almond and walnut notes but is backed up by a dry sweetness. This dryness works really well alongside gooey caramel. Beer + chocolate = happiness.

Available online here

Pilsner Urquell and Maltesers

It’s in the name: ‘Malt’eser. For this combo we pick out the malty middle of the Malteser and match it with the original Pilsner lager. Unlike your German Pilsners, this Czech original has a beautiful biscuity note and isn’t an overly filling beer. Let’s call it ‘the lighter way to enjoy beer’.

Available from Tesco

London Pale Ale and Milky Bar

Meantime’s London Pale Ale matches perfectly with a Milky Bar. After eating a few hefty segments of Milky Bar you may find that your palate has been clogged up somewhat… The West Coast American hops in London Pale Ale should cleanse your palate, ready to eat the rest.

Waitrose stocks Meantime’s London Pale Ale  

Bacchus Framboise Raspberry Beer and Cadbury’s Mini Eggs

The Bacchus Framboise is a sharp, tart fruit beer from Belgium. Tart fruit might not be the first thing that comes to mind when dreaming of Mini Eggs, but just go with it for a second.

Bite down on the mini egg, take a healthy gulp of Bacchus and you will be instantly transported to an awkward family gathering where the only saving grace is the beautiful chocolate raspberry tart your auntie bought along. Maybe that’s just me.

Available from Sainsbury’s

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