Rachel Khoo Little Swedish Kitchen Interview

ep 117 – Rachel Khoo travels from her Little Paris Kitchen to Sweden and we get a preview of this year’s Chinese Food Festival

On the podcast this week, digital editor Alex chats to author Rachel Khoo about her career, from her tiny Parisian flat where she recorded her TV show My Little Paris Kitchen, to her new life in Stockholm and her latest book The Little Swedish Kitchen and editorial assistant Ellie chats to Shi Tang, chairwoman of the Chinese Food Festival about regional Chinese delicacies, what goes into a jian bing and which traders to look out for at the festival this year.


We ask Rachel Khoo if she prefers Swedish cinnamon buns or French pain au chocolats. Here are our best cinnamon buns recipes to try at home…

12 Croissant Cinnamon Rolls served on a cooling rack on z dark blue board

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