8 healthy desserts

Looking for a healthier way to indulge your sweet tooth? Try these delicious dessert recipes (all under 300 kcal) from kiwi sorbet to chocolate avocado mousse

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1. Chocolate avocado mousse

Replacing cream and egg white with the-nations-favourite, avocado, makes this chocolate mousse recipe naturally light and creamy without the extra sugar! Top with chopped hazelnuts for a bite or cocoa nibs for a little indulgence.

2. Strawberry jellies

Make the most of the strawberry season and use  fresh, ripe strawberries to make with these deliciously light jellies! Quick to make and the perfect recipe to get the kids involved in the kitchen! For an adult take on this childhood classic add a dash of Pimms for a boy finish! 

Full of natural sweetness instead of refined sugar, these little bites are made of dates, raisins, nuts and dried apricots, all mixed up with seeds and apple juice then rolled into individual balls. Serve each bite-sized treat in a mini cupcake case.

Fruity toots

4. Coconut, banana and raspberry muffins

Try our recipe for low-fat coconut, banana and raspberry muffins. This recipe is super quick and easy to make, and it comes in under 160 calories per serving – a great post-meal sweet treat.

Banana Muffins Recipe With Coconut And Raspberry

5. Vegan chocolate mousse

Silken tofu is the secret ingredient for this smooth and creamy (and totally vegan) chocolate mousse recipe. It makes a quick and easy yet impressive dessert.

Vegan chocolate mousse

6. Avocado, kiwi and lime ice lollies

Our bright and zesty super green lollies are made with vitamin-packed fruits and refreshing coconut water for a nutritious and refreshing summer dessert.

7. Instant mango fro-yo

Check out this super speedy dairy-free frozen yogurt. This easy recipe only uses three ingredients (lime, mango and coconut yogurt) and takes just minutes to make. A great, fruity end to a healthy meal.

mango fro yo

8. Cacao, banana, date and cashew bars

These no-fuss cacao, banana, date and cashew bars are really easy to make and perfect as a quick snack or to satisfy that post-dinner chocolate craving. Make a big batch and they’ll keep for up to a week.

Banana & Cashew bars

Listen to cookery writer Adam discuss the trend for veg in desserts (beetroot yogurt anyone?)

olive magazine podcast ep37 – kalettes, veg in desserts and freezing like a foodie