Smoothie Bowl Recipe For Acai Bowl

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Banish Blue Monday blues with a dose of colour from one of our cheerful, colourful and healthy recipes. Try rainbow smoothie bowls, green goddess smoothies and tofu scrambled eggs, or have a go at our fresh temaki hand rolls and say goodbye to Monday blues...!

Want to add a dash of colour to your diet? A variety of colours ensures that you get plenty of vitamins and a balanced diet to keep your body and mind healthy. We have plenty of rainbow recipes, including turmeric recipes and lots of super greens, for mid week meals and healthy lunchbox ideas to add a pop of colour to lunch in the office.


Buddha bowls may just be the ultimate rainbow dish, and our vegan buddha bowl is certainly a testament to that. Packed full with nutrients and flavours, this is an easy way to get some nutritional balance and feel nourished from the inside out. It’s also the perfect dish to box up and take to work.

Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

Check out our fresh Dutch tomato soup for the perfect low calorie, vegetarian lunch or starter. Rich and creamy but still full of goodness, there is no doubt it will leave you feeling soup-er! More veg-packed soup recipes here…


Our bright, vegan Mexican salad bowls are sure to wow any dinner guests.  This quick and easy recipe is super fresh and has just the right amount of spice and zing, and is ready in under 20 minutes. Try our quick vegan meal ideas here…

Vegan Taco Bowl Recipe

This turmeric and mango lassi recipe is sunshine in a bottle. Turmeric has plenty of health benefits too, making this the ultimate feel good drink. Perfect for a hot summer’s day to quench your thirst.


Our colourful vegan temaki rolls are healthy and super easy to make, ideal for an easy lunch time treat. The dipping sauce with soy, fresh red chilli and sesame seeds is a winning accompaniment.

Temaki Hand Roll Recipe

Our vibrant supergreen smoothie is set to give you a boost inside and out. Super quick to make, this is a perfect drink to take on the go whilst getting in those essential nutrients. Cucumber, spinach, lime and kiwi makes a great flavour combination and avocado adds a lovely creamy texture.

super green smoothie

Our veggie soba noodle pot is so bright and colourful you’ll want to present it to the world. It’s also a great lunch box option for meat-free Monday. Try more quick vegetarian recipes here…


Smoothie bowls are the ultimate on-trend rainbow recipe, and we think our vibrant breakfast bowl is the perfect way to start the day with a whole lot of colour. Unleash your creative side when it comes to toppings, and make sure you get that desirable shot. Who knew healthy eating could look so beautiful? Make a healthy breakfast with one of our quick ideas here…

Easy Smoothie Recipes For Healthy Smoothies

Our colourful turmeric roasted cauli salad makes a delicious vegan-friendly lunch. The turmeric adds a lovely, vibrant colour, whilst the edamame beans give it freshness and bite. Low in calories with lots of punchy flavour, this is the ideal dish for those on a health kick.

Vegan Salad Recipe With Roasted Cauliflower

Our beautiful rainbow slaw with creamy lime and fresh coriander dressing is the perfect side dish for BBQ meats, roast chickens or summer picnics.

rainbow slaw

Start the day on a health kick with our vibrant, low calorie vegan breakfast. Smoked tofu, punchy chilli and pan fried courgette makes a winning combination and what’s more, its ready in less than 30 minutes. A healthy, quick and meat-free dish.

HyperFocal: 0

 Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Full of flavour with gorgeous fresh colours, this roasted carrot with tahini and pomegranate recipe is a delicious and healthy side dish for any meal.

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Our colourful vegan salad is low in calories, easy to make and packed full of freshness. It may be simple, but it doesn’t mean it compromises on flavour. Try our easy orzo recipes here…

Orzo Pasta Salad Recipe

Our bright rice noodle salad marks the perfect start to the week. Fresh king prawns, sweet and juicy mango and crunchy veggies give it a fresh, healthy kick, along with a myriad of texture and flavour. Its low in calories, easy to make and ready in 25 minutes.

Prawn Rice Noodle Salad Recipe with Mango

This is health but with a serious kick. Check out our crispy paprika seasoned chicken thighs with courgette ribbons, the perfect complementary and colourful combination. Fresh courgette brighten up the dish, while the paprika gives it that smoky, punchy flavour. This meal is high in protein yet low in calories. Its ready in less than an hour and makes a great pack lunch. More low-calorie chicken recipes here…

Paprika Chicken Thighs with Courgette Ribbons

Check out this colourful, quick, and easy vegan salad recipe with roasted courgettes and crunchy chickpeas tossed in punchy harissa. This recipe makes a great dinner party side dish or packed lunch. It’s ready in 20 minutes and low in calories, too.

Roast Courgette Salad Recipe with Chickpeas

Get your greens in with this nutrient rich, colourful chicken salad with crunchy green beans, seasonal mange tout and lentils. Quick and easy to make and low in calories, this is a healthy way to start the week.

Chicken Salad Recipe with Lentils

Check out our colourful gluten free Vietnamese style herb, watermelon and rice noodle salad recipe. It’s refreshing, low in calories and ready in less than 30 minutes. A great dish to present to guests at a summer dinner party of BBQ. Our Asian salad recipes are great ways to get in plenty of fresh fruit and veg, try them here…

Watermelon and Rice Noodle salad with mint and holy basil

Our low calorie, colourful vegan fajita bowl with cauli rice is a great way to get nutrients in whilst not compromising on good taste. The complementary flavours from the creamy avocado, fresh chilli and coriander will make it a dish you’ll want to make again and again.

Vegan fajita bowl with cauli rice

Our colourful mojito chicken and rice salad with fresh mango, lime, mint, spring onion and coriander makes it the freshest and zingiest salad around. It’s really easy to make, low in calories and is ready in under thirty minutes.

Mojito Chicken Recipe with Wild Rice Salad

Our vibrant salad of crab and crunchy asparagus is super easy to make and comes in at under 500 calories. A top tip is to use a day or two old sourdough for extra-crunchy croutons.

Crab and Asparagus Salad Recipe


Compiled by Helen Salter