Baked bolognese sauce

Best ever slow cooker recipes

We've adapted 18 of our best ever one-pot recipes to become easy slow cooker recipes. From BBQ pulled pork to spicy lamb curry and a perfect spaghetti bolognese

Wonderful, wonderful slow cookers… we love the whole bung-it-in approach, and it means you can get on with other bits while those ingredients transform into a delicious dinner. Whether you’re using a Crock-Pot or other brand of slow cooker, all the below slow cooker recipes should work in it (did you know that you can even make spaghetti bolognese in a slow cooker?)


Our slow cooker meals include slow cooker chicken recipes, healthy slow cooker recipes (try coconut dahl) as well as more indulgent options, perfect for a dinner party. How about an all-in-one fragrant lamb curry? Easy baked bolognese sauce? Or a posh ossobuco with gremolata?

Slow-braised Korean short ribs

Meaty beef ribs are cooked with gochuchang paste in a slow cooker to give a savoury, spicy umami rich dish. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our collection of best ever Korean recipes

Best-ever spaghetti bolognese

We’ve honed our favourite spag bol recipe to give perfect results every time. This easy recipe is great to get ahead with the night before in your slow cooker, a healthy, low-fat method of cooking which doesn’t require much time or effort.

Coconut dahl

Looking for a healthy slow cooker recipe? Lentils and split peas work really well in a slow cooker and give a comforting creamy result. Great weekend warmer for those wintery months!

Beef and Guinness stew

A classic stew to serve up on Sundays with some creamy mash. The slow-cooker will make this recipe so simple so why not invite the whole family over.

BBQ pulled pork

Pulled pork is a brilliant way to serve a crowd, and it’s also pretty easy to make in your Crock-Pot. Stuff it into soft buns with crunchy coleslaw.

All-in-one fragrant lamb curry

This dish is totally fuss-free. Just bung all the ingredients in a slow cooker and it looks after itself!

Slow roast pork with confit shallots

This slow roast pork recipe includes fennel seeds and seasonal shallots for extra flavour. It is easy to prepare and perfect for a Sunday roast dinner with your family and friends. By slow cooking over a prolonged period of time the heat will really bring out all the meaty flavours of this pork, meaning no need to worry if you have a few errands you need to get done.


Easy baked bolognese sauce

Our all-in-one baked bolognese is super simple and low in calories, requires very little preparation time, and tastes amazing! Perfect for feeding the whole family, and any leftovers can be easily froze. This bolognese dish shouldn’t cost you the earth either, slow-cooking really draws out a meaty flavour that will infuse the whole dish.

Baked bolognese sauce

Chicken thighs and butternut curry with cumin and coriander rice recipe 

One of our favourite slow cooker chicken recipes, this is an easy chicken curry that beats a takeaway any day. With butternut squash and fresh coriander as well as Indian spices it’s a curry to serve to friends for a casual dinner-party main.

Chicken and butternut curry with cumin and coriander rice

Baked sweet mustard gammon with deli potato salad

A baked gammon or ham is one of the easiest ways to feed a crowd over Christmas and this maple-glazed one can be eaten cold for days after. Perfect for slow cooking for when you and the family are popping out for you christmas day walk.

Baked sweet mustard gammon with deli potato salad

Pork shoulder with tarragon, borlotti beans and mini roasties

This warm and wintery Italian-style stew is perfect for a family-style feast. You can serve it with creamy mash but the crunchy mini roasties really are special.

Pork shoulder with tarragon and borlotti beans

Beef shin rendang

A great excuse for some Saturday night feasting between friends, this aromatic, slow-cooked beef curry makes enough to serve 12. If you find yourself with some leftovers then waste not want not because it’s freezable too. This recipe is ideal to leave and slow-cook while you entertain your guests.

Beef shin rendang

Barbacoa Lamb Carnitas

These gluten free, slow-cooked lamb tortillas are great for a feast between friends. It’s easy to make and everyone can get stuck in and make their own.

Barbacoa lamb carnitas

Guinea Fowl Tagine

Seasonal guinea fowl in a bowl of comforting buttery couscous makes this a true December-time dish. It serves up to six people so it’s a great alternative to a traditional Sunday roast.

Guinea fowl tagine

Ossobuco with gremolata

Nothing beats a classic ossobuco with gremolata, the perfect midweek meal! If you’re short on time in the mornings, why not prepare everything you need for this slow-cooked meal the night before. You can easily freeze in portions to –  serve with risotto, polenta or mash.

Ossobuco with gremolata

Slow-cooked pork, apricot and tamarind stew

Slow cooked, low cal and packed full of the soul-warming flavours of Persia, this recipe from Sabrina Ghayour is the perfect solution to the chilly winter months. No need to fuss around with this warming wintery stew, slow cookers are designed to do the work themselves.

Slow cooked Pork, apricot and tamarind stew

Cincinnati chilli five ways 

This recipe from Felicity Cloake is chilli con carne, but not as we know it. Thought to owe its unusual Mediterranean spicing to a homesick Greek restaurateur, the finely ground meat is simmered low and slow until it melts in the mouth and served over spaghetti. Order it ‘five ways’ and you’ll get beans, cheese and onions on top, too.


Slow-roast duck with sweet tamarind

This tender and sticky duck serves four and would make for a great centre pieces for a casual dinner party. Get everyone involved and carve this one on the table before you serve it up with basmati rice and pay choy.

Slow-roasted duck with sweet tamarind


Thinking about using your slow cooker in summer? We’ve got loads of great recipe ideas! Just click the image below:

Dr Pepper ribs