Best healthy food swaps and some recipes to try

Take your favourite junk food and transform it into something healthy by swapping just one ingredient. From kale crisps to cauliflower buns, here are our sneakiest healthy food alternatives.

Finding worthy alternatives to sugary, carb-heavy foods without sacrificing taste can prove challenging. Luckily, we know a few tricks to turn your favourite junk food into something far healthier.


Kale crisps

Learn to pick these veggie crisps over their greasy, processed, salty, store-bought potato alternatives. Not only do they satisfy those snacking cravings, but kale is also one of the healthiest foods out there. Crunchy, nutritious and flavoursome… what more could you ask for?

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Lettuce instead of bread

Whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich, taco, or wrap, using fresh lettuce instead of bread is an easy (and tasty) way of cutting your daily carb intake. Add some chicken/fish/shrimp, veggies, and some condiments on top of a large lettuce leaf and roll into a delicious, low-carb wrap.

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Almond Flour Pancakes

From now on, you’ll never have to sacrifice your Sunday morning pancakes again. Simply substitute white flour with almond or coconut flour to achieve a delicious, low-carb breakfast.

Cauliflower Burger Buns

Cauliflower crusted pizzas were in vogue last year; this year it’s all about the cauliflower-crusted bun. If you’re watching your carb intake, but can’t let go of hamburgers, try ditching the wheat and making cauliflower buns instead. It’s a great substitute, and adds flavour. 

Veggie Pizzas

Replacing a traditional white-flour base with sliced vegetables is a great way to make this Italian specialty healthier. Courgette, aubergine and Portobello mushrooms can be grilled and topped with your favourite pizza sauce to make some delicate, low-carb snacks. 


Written by Annalisa D’Alessio @annaa18x