Best ever light pizza and flatbread recipes

Flatbreads are a great addition to mezze-style eating and a lighter alternative to sandwiches. Choose one of our quick and easy flatbread and pizza recipes for a midweek meal.

Venison & mutton kofte, cauliflower couscous, flatbread & harissa

Cauliflower has become extremely popular recently, thanks in part to the fact that you can use it instead of rice etc. This recipe from John Doe restaurant in Notting Hill embraces that trend with venison and mutton kofte, cauliflower couscous, flatbread and harissa.


Flatbread pizza with prosciutto and gorgonzola

Put the delivery leaflet down. This crisp flatbread is a great, much more healthy alternative to deep-pan delivery pizza. Topped with fresh ingredients, the prosciutto and gorgonzola give plenty of flavour and punch.

Greek chicken flatbreads with tzatziki

Chargrilled chicken skewers and tzatziki recipe, wrapped in a warm flatbread is the best midweek meal for chicken. Ready in quickly in 20 minutes. Keep it healthy with salad on the side.

Courgette, chilli and mint pizzas

Really quick and easy pizza made with readymade flatbreads, topped with mozzarella and ribbons of courgette for the best quickly assembled midweek meal.

Italian flatbreads with peach, prosciutto and mozzarella

The best recipe for peach flatbreads. Like pizzas they can be cooked on the bbq or griddle. Make dough, then cook and top with fresh peaches, Italian cheese and prosciutto before sharing with friends and family.

Sicilian aubergine pizzas

These super-easy Sicilian aubergine pizzas are a great twist on a family favourite. They use crème fraîche instead of a tomato base, charred aubergines, sultanas and pesto, with rocket and pine nuts for a bit of extra crunch.

Pizza bianca with smoked salmon and spring onions

Try this delicious pizza bianca (with a creamy white base rather than tomato sauce). Spring onion, rocket and smoked salmon mean this pizza is piled high with fresh summery flavours.

Warm chickpea and cumin flatbreads with yoghurt dip

Socca pizzas two ways

Socca originated in Nice, but it’s very trendy in the US now. The gluten-free chickpea pancake can be used as a wrap, flatbread for dipping or pizza base. Light toppings make it a healthy snack.

Easy griddle breads with lamb, dill and yogurt topping

These easy griddle breads with lamb, dill and yogurt topping make a great speedy midweek supper for the family. The lamb is packed full of delicious Middle Eastern flavours, and the pomegranate seeds provide a juicy crunch.

5-minute flatbread pizzas

All the comfort of pizza but ready in a flash and healthier, too. These 5-minute flatbread pizzas are a great recipe to have on had midweek.


Butternut and pancetta pizzettes

These pizzettes use butternut squash purée instead of tomato as their base. Paired with pancetta and sage, they’re a delicious twist on a favourite

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