Best ever vegetarian fritters recipes

Fritters are a really easy way to impress guests, including vegetarians. Serve with yoghurt, lemon wedges or herbs for crispy and golden appetizers, or enjoy them yourself!

Chickpea fritters with yogurt, green chilli and cucumber salad

Turn your chickpeas into these lightly-spiced fritters and serve with a zesty cucumber salad for a quick, low-calorie lunch.

Chickpea Fritters Recipe with Yogurt, Green Chilli and Cucumber Salad

Sweetcorn fritters with tomatoes and halloumi

Don’t you just love fritters? We’ve made these ones with sweetcorn, and suggest serving your stack with squeaky halloumi and roasted tomatoes.

Sweetcorn fritters with roasted tomatoes and halloumi

Carrot, cumin and feta fritters with coriander yoghurt

We love the bright golden colour that the carrots and the batter give these fritters. A deliciously crispy starter, serve with herb yoghurt and salad.

Cauliflower fritters with lemon and capers

Cauliflower has never been so appealing, these crispy fritters are jazzed up with a dressing of lemon, capers and parsley. Serve warm with lemon wedges as a sophisticated vegetarian starter.

Caerphilly and spring onion fritters

Caerphilly is a mild, creamy, crumbly Welsh cheese. Mixed with breadcrumbs, egg and spring onions it makes these delicious vegetarian fritters. Serve as a quick starter or light lunch with chutney and salad.

Broccoli fritters, cumin, poached egg and yoghurt

A mix of Turkish breakfast and an Indian snack, our recipe for broccoli fritters can be as spicy as you like. We love to dip these deliciously light fritters into a poached egg to make posh soliders!

Spiced sprout fritters with duck eggs

Have these spiced sprout fritters with duck eggs for brunch, dinner, or just whenever you fancy, really. They’re quick and easy to make, vegetarian and low calorie.

Spiced sprout fritters with duck eggs

Sweetcorn fritters with roast tomatoes and chipotle butter

Made with sweetcorn and served with roasted tomatoes, these little corn pancakes are a quick and easy midweek meal. The chipotle butter makes them that little bit more special and the spinach and tomatoes add a touch of colour.