Best ever super grain recipes: freekeh, quinoa, bulgar wheat and spelt

Whole grains are a quick and easy way of staying healthy midweek. On-trend super grains such as freekeh, quinoa, spelt and bulgar wheat are really versatile and add great texture to dishes. From freekeh and carrots burgers to red quinoa, feta and spinach salad, or cinnamon chicken with bulgar pilaf, we have ten delicious grains recipes to choose from.

Check out our nutritious super grain recipes below, then discover more quinoa recipes, spelt recipes and bulgar wheat recipes.


Super grain recipes

Freekeh and carrot burgers

Nutty, smoky freekeh is the next big protein-rich supergrain and well worth a try. Not only are these burgers healthy and easy to make, they might just be the best vegetarian burgers ever!

Red quinoa, feta and spinach salad

This tempting quinoa salad is high in protein, making it a great lunch to avoid a mid-afternoon sugar crash. It also makes a healthy and filling dinner.

Cajun salmon with herb bulgar wheat and yogurt dressing 

The best salmon recipe for one. Served with a bulgar wheat and fresh herbs then drizzled with a lime-yoghurt dressing for a quick and healthy idea for midweek.

Black bean cakes with quinoa and avocado salad

These black bean cakes with quinoa and avocado salad make for a delicious vegetarian lunch or dinner. They’re easy to make and ready in under an hour, perfect for a midweek meal.

Spelt risotto with wild mushrooms

This nutty spelt risotto is packed with pancetta, wild mushrooms and thyme, cooked in white wine. Leave out the pancetta for a veggie-friendly version.

Pomegranate molasses duck with herb and bulgar salad

This recipe for pomegranate molasses duck with herb and bulgar salad looks really impressive and feels like a treat, but it comes in at under 500 calories. It’s a great option for a midweek meal.

Freekeh and artichoke salad with golden onions, sultanas and herb labneh

Freekeh is a roasted green wheat grain that has three times the fibre of brown rice and scores low on the GI scale. Here it is added to a healthy vegetarian salad with artichokes and homemade labneh.

Freekeh Salad with Artichoke and Labneh Recipe

Mushroom and quinoa-stuffed courgette

Easy recipe for stuffed courgettes. Pack the insides with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and goat’s cheese before baking. A healthy vegetarian main course.

Cinnamon chicken bulgar pilaf

If you love quick dishes you’ll love this easy pilaf. With chicken thighs and spinach and made with bulgar and spiced with cinnamon it’s a fast and convenient midweek meal for two.

Quinoa, herb and pomegranate salad

A lovely light quinoa salad with sweet, juicy pomegranate that also provides a bit of crunch. Add cooked shredded chicken if you want more protein. Dried apricots work well in this too.

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