Best ever spiced recipes

Our 21 best ever spiced recipes will warm you up this week. From spiced desserts to garam masala seasoned salmon and veggie-stuffed squash, have a go at our fragrant recipes tonight

Spiced lentil shepherd’s pie

This recipe for spiced lentil shepherd’s pie is a great vegan version of a classic. It’s ready in 1 hour and is enough to feed the whole family


Glazed lokma doughnuts with spiced chicken liver parfait

This recipe for glazed lokma doughnuts with spiced chicken liver parfait comes from Le Bab and makes a great, impressive starter. Have a look at some of our other chef’s recipes here.

Spiced mackerel fillets with shallot and lemon chickpeas

This recipe for spiced mackerel fillets with shallot and lemon chickpeas is quick and easy to make and under 500 calories

Spiced mustard seed potatoes

Spice up your side dishes with these spiced mustard seed potatoes. The recipe is really easy to follow but packs in a lot of flavour. They’re perfect for any occasion.

Beef fillet with spiced pears and chestnut pickle

This recipe for beef fillet with spiced pears and chestnut pickle is easy to make but offers something a little bit different during the colder months. Buy chestnuts ready-peeled for ease.

Sumac and olive oil-roasted salmon with spiced carrot salad

Christmas is a time when sides of salmon can often be picked up on special offer. In any case cooking a whole side is much cheaper than buying 8 separate pieces.

Spiced banana tarte tatin

This spiced banana tarte tatin recipe comes from Cinnamon Club. It’s an easy dessert to make but looks impressive.

Spiced warm flatbreads

The spices in this 10 minute recipe are a dead-easy way to perk up some bought-in flatbreads for entertaining.

Spiced merguez couscous

This Moroccan-style supper for four of spiced merguez couscous not only tastes delicious, but costs under £3 per person. It’s also ready in just 30 minutes, making it perfect for a midweek meal.

hot spiced cider cocktail

This super simple, soul-warming autumnal cocktail is sure to impress your guests. Serve warm and decorate with cinnamon sticks for added flair.

Spiced salmon with Puy lentils

Try this interesting twist on classic grilled salmon. Spiced with garam masala and served with garlic and lemon Puy lentils, this is a healthy mid-week supper.

spiced baked cauliflower with caper raita

You need small caulis the size of your fist for this – it’s quite rich so don’t be tempted to use huge ones. They’ll go well with the Christmas veg, so will make a good Christmas day main for any non-meat eaters.

Spiced lamb cutlets with smoked aubergine

Dan Doherty’s recipe for spiced lamb cutlets with smoked aubergine is the perfect winter warmer recipe. It takes a while but is really easy to make, perfect for entertaining. 

Sumac spice crusted chicken and green bean salad with spiced yogurt dressing

This recipe for sumac spice crusted chicken and green bean salad with spiced yogurt dressing looks fantastic as it’s bursting with colour and it’s packed with flavour too. What’s even better, is that it comes in at under 500 calories – it’s the perfect summer salad

Pollack with spiced lentils and coriander cream

This moreish dish brings out the best of pollack: served on a bed of creamy couscous spiced with coriander, turmeric and chilli. Eat topped with coriander and spinach.

spiced lamb in toasted pitta

So much Middle Eastern cuisine is interwoven and reinterpreted from country to country, but Lebanon gets the credit for arayes kafta, a fresh lamb-stuffed sandwich. Great party food to pass round or let your guests assemble at the table.

Butternut squash with spiced lentils and feta

Serving up half a squash is a great meal option for vegetarian friends or family. This one is baked then stuffed with lentils, spices and lemon juice and finished with creamy feta cheese and coriander. Serve hot or room temperature.

Jerk spiced ribs

Inexpensive ribs rubbed in a homemade jerk marinade of ginger, lime, cinnamon and allspice, grilled on the BBQ then sliced to serve a crowd.

Spiced smoked haddock with tabbouleh

If you love smoked haddock try this simple quick idea. Lightly spiced with curry powder then pan-fried. Then pop the fish on top of a healthy, herby tabbouleh for a midweek meal for two.

Fennel-spiced sausage plait

This fennel-spiced sausage plait is a grown-up take on everyone’s favourite picnic snack. Made with an added kick of chilli and mustard with a crunch of sesame, this makes for a comforting midweek meal.

Spiced chicken with lentils

This recipe for spiced chicken with lentils is quick, easy and under 500 kcals – perfect for a midweek meal

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