Best ever recipes using white chocolate

Try our white chocolate and Bailey's cheesecake for a deliciously decadent dessert or have a go making the raspberry and white chocolate blondies for a fun twist on the classic brownie.

White chocolate Easter cake

Take your baking to the next-level with this showstopping Easter inspired white chocolate cake. We’ve decorated ours with broken white chocolate eggs and crunchy mini eggs, but you can get creative with any of your favourite treats.

White Chocolate Easter Cake Recipe

Easiest ever white chocolate fudge cake

Liked our easiest ever chocolate fudge cake? Then you really, really have to try the white chocolate version. Our white chocolate fudge cake is covered with American-style whipped frosting, which is lighter than a ganache or butter cream. It looks fantastic and is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Caramelised white chocolate florentines

Ready in just 20 minutes, our florentine biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee. White chocolate can be very sweet, so caramelising gives it a toffee-like dimension – think posh Ceramic bars.

Florentine Recipe with White Chocolate

Raspberry and white chocolate blondies

Cooking the butter until nutty and golden gives these blondies the edge before they’ve even made it to the oven. Scatter in blackberries instead of raspberries as the seasons change.

Hazelnut tartlets with white chocolate and strawberries

These mini tartlets make an ideal small bite for entertaining when you want a little sweetness instead of a large pudding. The fresh strawberries cut through the rich and smooth hazelnut and white chocolate filling.

White chocolate roulade with Baileys

Treat your loved ones to a great dessert with this luxurious bake made with white chocolate and Baileys. It’s easy to make and requires very little effort, prepare it next time you host a dinner party.

White chocolate and strawberry ice cream cake

Our ice cream cake is crowd-pleasing showstopper of a cake, perfect for family celebrations. The only tricky bit is cutting it, as it can get quite hard in the middle, so let it soften in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving. Scatter with strawberries if you like.

White chocolate mousse with crushed Mini Eggs

The perfect easy recipe to cook with the kids at Easter. Scrumptious white chocolate mousse topped with crushed mini eggs is sure to delight (and use up mini eggs the Easter bunny has brought).

White chocolate and raspberry pots

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best and you only need five ingredients to make these creamy white chocolate and raspberry puddings. Make them up to a day ahead for a dinner party.

Iced berries with hot white chocolate sauce

The easiest pudding ever. A simple dessert using frozen berries served with a white chocolate sauce. Looks impressive, but is so simple and quick to make.

White chocolate and Baileys cheesecake

Baileys? Check. White chocolate? Check. Two ingredients that make for an utterly irresistible cheesecake, perfect for serving at dinner parties (or to keep all to yourself). Plus it calls for less than 10 ingredients, and is ready in under 2 hours!

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