Best ever miso recipes

Miso is a Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans and is the perfect way of adding Umami flavour to your meals. Our selection pairs it perfectly with chicken and fish and it’s a great ways to enliven vegetable dishes

Miso and chilli chicken noodle soup

Fry shredded chicken in miso and gochujang and add to this nutritious broth for a gut-friendly meal.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe with Miso and Chilli

Vegan shredded veg miso soup

Shred ginger, leeks and carrots into this umami-rich soup and top up with quinoa and kale for a nourishing, low-calorie meal.

Vegan Miso Soup with Veggies Recipe

Miso and sweet potato soup

Velvety, wholesome and packed with plenty of umami flavour from white miso, this sweet potato soup is simple to make and low in calories.

Sweet Potato Soup Recipe with White Miso

Sticky miso nuts and seeds

If salted caramel is your bag, then get ready for miso caramel – a heady mix of the salt and sweet combination with a shed load of umami. Check out more of our best caramel recipes here.

Vegan Miso Nuts Recipe

Seafood fry with miso butter, yuzu  hollandaise and kimchi mayo

This recipe is all about the condiments; miso butter, yuzu hollandaise and kimchi mayo. Take your pick.

Sesame miso chicken with sweet and sour salad

This recipe for sesame miso chicken with sweet and sour salad is really easy, ready in 30 minutes and under 500 calories. Miso paste keeps for ages in the fridge and adds a deep savoury flavour.

Miso pollack with edamame noodles

This Japanese-inspired miso pollack with edamame noodles is a fantastic quick and healthy meal, making it perfect for a midweek supper. Under 500 calories and on the table in just 20 minutes.

Miso flavoured broth with marinated tofu

Our best tofu recipe, perfect for a healthy meat-free-Monday with bags of protein and only 143 calories a serving. Marinate tofu in Japanese-style teriyaki and then pour over the miso broth. Delicious!

Miso-glazed sea bass with ginger greens

Eating healthily doesn’t have to mean compromising on good food. This miso-glazed sea bass with ginger greens is quick and easy to make and under 300 calories

Nasu dengaku (miso grilled aubergine)

This riff on sweet ‘n’ sour miso grilled aubergine from Kurobuta, a tiny café-like space on Chelsea’s King’s Road, makes the perfect starter or side dish that looks impressive but is actually very easy.

Plum miso cod with mushroom tempura

Miso cod, often found on swanky Japanese restaurant menus, takes a little effort to make at home, but it’s worth it. A dash of plum wine adds a delicious fruity tang. Served with a mushroom tempura – mushrooms fried in a light batter – divine.

Bone Daddies’ spicy miso ramen

This spicy miso ramen is from the hip Japanese ramen restaurant Bone Daddies. It takes a little time but the result is worth it: rich pork broth with noodles and exotic ingredients. Prepare and marinade the eggs and the meat the night before for best results.

Jerusalem artichokes with miso butter

An easy idea to make the best of Jerusalem artichokes. They may not be pretty but these knobbly vegetables have a delicious mushroomy, savoury flavour.

Miso mackerel with chilli brown rice

Quick Japanese-style recipe for mackerel. Grilling is an easy way to cook oily fish and the miso-mirin marinade takes minutes to make. Serve with brown rice.

Yakitori chicken skewers with miso

This Japanese glaze is ideal for grilled meat, poultry or fish. It is so easy to make – the mix of miso, sugar and mirin makes these healthy chicken skewers deliciously sticky.

Lemon sole with miso lemon butter and spring greens

Our best, quick, lemon sole recipe with a Japanese twist. This sweet-fleshed flat fish is perfect with miso lemon butter, the ideal meal in for two. Choose a sustainably sourced sole for brownie points and remove the hard work by buying it filleted: on the table in 15 minutes.

Smoky miso aubergines

Miso and aubergine is a match made in heaven, and this recipe is perfect for the BBQ this summer. Make sure you check the miso is vegan

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