roasted cabbage steaks

Best ever cabbage recipes

Our guide to the best ever cabbage recipes makes the most of this extremely versatile vegetable. From homemade rainbow slaw to roasted red cabbage steaks and Japanese-style hispi cabbage pancakes, these 22 delicious recipes can be used as starters, main dishes or side salads for any meal.

Like most vegetables, cabbage is an excellent source of essential vitamins and is also high in potassium and iron. With so many varieties available to choose from – red, green, savoy, hispi, white – there is plenty of different and exciting ways to use cabbage in your cooking. 


Cabbage can be eaten raw or cooked, depending on your preference, and you should always try and buy it as fresh as possible so it hasn’t lost any of its essential nutrients. Our 22 recipes demonstrate how easy it is to use cabbage in your everyday cooking whether simply using it as a sandwich filling, adding it to a salad or creating a delicious main course dish for all the family to enjoy.

Crispy fried cabbage

Use up the humble cabbage in our easy version of a British Chinese takeaway classic. Ready in just 20 minutes, try this simple idea for an easy side dish for your next dinner party.

Crispy Fried Cabbage Recipe

Grilled beef sirloin with charred hispi cabbage and romesco

This low calorie recipe is really easy to make but packs in lots of big flavours. Served with a romesco sauce, the hispi cabbage takes centre-stage in this dish and really complements the beef.

grilled beef sirloin and hispi cabbage

Chargrilled chicken with white beans and cabbage

This recipe is ideal for using the contents in your cupboard and makes a fast midweek meal. Simply add chargrilled chicken breasts to a white bean and savoy cabbage mix and season well.

grilled chicken with cabbage

Roasted cabbage steaks with hazelnut dressing

These low calorie roasted red cabbage steaks look really impressive on the plate and taste great too! Drizzle the steaks with our homemade hazelnut dressing to serve.

roasted cabbage steaks

Peri peri halloumi burgers with citrus slaw

A halloumi burger is a great alternative to a meaty version and this recipe includes a citrus slaw of white cabbage, carrot and red onion to add to the delicious cheesiness. Add some rocket leaves, tomato, a generous drizzle of peri peri sauce and tuck in!

halloumi burger

Buffalo cauliflower tacos

Because everyone loves a good taco! These vegan, low calorie tacos using red cabbage don’t require much preparation and are ideal for sharing with family and friends.

cauliflower tacos

California grilled reuben

This deli-style sandwich recipe makes more coleslaw than you’ll need for the sandwiches but it’ll keep for 2-3 days in the fridge.

grilled reuben

Smoky ham hock and root veg stew

This smoky ham hock stew is packed with lots of vegetables including cabbage, carrots, leeks and potatoes – a hearty and warming meal, perfect for the winter months.

ham hock and veg stew

Sesame chicken, pickled red cabbage and sushi rice salad

Pickled red cabbage, sesame chicken, soya beans and sushi rice mixed together makes this a really delicious salad. Garnish with a drizzle of sesame oil and sesame seeds to serve.

chicken and pickled cabbage

Sticky glazed gammon with creamy mustard cabbage

Sticky glazed gammon with creamy mustard cabbage is the stuff that Sunday lunches are made of. Also perfect for a midweek meal and on the dinner table in less than half an hour.

gammon and mustard cabbage

Easy okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake made with hispi cabbage, streaky bacon and drizzled with Worcestershire and tomato sauces. Sprinkle with ginger, spring onions and sesame seeds to serve.


Shredded veg and chicken salad with Japanese sesame dressing

Shredded white cabbage, carrots, radishes and cucumber with a splash of rice vinegar gives this salad a slightly sweet but tangy edge. Simply add the chicken and mix everything together for a quick and easy midweek salad.

shredded chicken salad

Spitfire-braised ox cheek with mash, red cabbage and English mustard clotted cream

This recipe takes a couple of hours but is worth the extra effort when you taste the slow-cooked meat. Serve the ox cheeks with creamy mash, red cabbage and English mustard clotted cream.

ox cheek and red cabbage

Tabbouleh slaw

We’ve ditched the bulgar wheat, but kept all the herby loveliness of a classic tabbouleh in this ruby winter slaw with red cabbage. Sprinkle some sumac over the slaw before serving, if you like.

tabbouleh slaw

Pomegranate chicken and mint salad

This low calorie chicken salad recipe uses shredded white cabbage, juicy pomegranate molasses, fat-free yoghurt and fresh salad leaves. Garnish with some homemade dressing, and a handful of mint.

pomegranate chicken mint salad

Braised red cabbage with apples

Braised red cabbage with apples, bacon, cinnamon and orange zest is the perfect side dish for any festive feast or special occasion. Add a splash of red wine and this dish is ready to go!

braised red cabbage

Tandoori lamb steaks with chilli-spiked slaw

This recipe for Tandoori lamb steaks is really easy to make and served with a chilli-spiked slaw of red cabbage, chillies, onion and red pepper. Serve the steaks and slaw with our homemade and cooling mint yoghurt.

lamb steaks and chilli slaw

Asian chicken burgers with pickled red cabbage

These Asian-inspired chicken burgers make a healthier alternative to traditional burgers. Serve the burger on a lettuce leaf, instead of burger buns, topped with pickled red cabbage for an extra kick of flavour.


Sausage, beet and red cabbage hotpot

This hotpot recipe is packed with flavour and the sweet and earthy contrast of the red cabbage and beetroot with the sausages is a winning combination. Serve it with creamy mash or soda bread to soak up all the delicious juices!

sausage cabbage hotpot

Spicy cabbage

Savoy cabbage is spiced with chilli flakes, root ginger and star anise, topped with sultanas and drizzled with sherry. This cabbage recipe works as a side dish or a veggie dish on its own.

spicy cabbage

Pork chops in cider and juniper with creamy mash

This recipe does exactly what it says on the tin. Steam the shredded cabbage, season well and serve with the pork chops and some buttery mash.

pork chops

Rainbow slaw with creamy lime and coriander dressing

Our best ever recipe for homemade coleslaw. We use shredded red cabbage and white cabbage with other vegetables and salads, finished with a creamy lime and coriander dressing.

rainbow slaw

Verdant soup

Savoy cabbage, courgettes and spinach make for a super healthy midweek meal that’s ready in just 20 minutes. For a veggie version, make this with veg stock and leave out the bacon.

verdant soup