lemon and mint marinated courgettes

Best BBQ side dishes for summer

Check out our best side dishes to serve at your next BBQ or summer dinner party. Salads, vegetables and much more...

Side dishes are just as important as the main dish. Try one of our best vegetable side dishes for summer entertaining. Whether it’s a BBQ or an al fresco dinner party, our recipes will create an impressive spread. Marinated courgettes, teriyaki aubergine, salt-baked beetroot; we have lots of exciting vegetable sides to make…


Cucumber kimchi

Do you love kimchi? Check out this quick and easy recipe for mini cucumber kimchi. Packed with punchy peppery gochugaru and fiery ginger these fermented cucumbers are ideal for a summer BBQ.

Cucumber Kimchi sliced in half with kimchi sprinkled on top, served in a deep speckled blue and grey bowl

Hummus labneh with slow-roasted tomatoes and pine nuts

Check out this fresh hummus labneh recipe with roasted juicy tomatoes and crunchy pine nuts, topped with fresh herbs – an easy veggie side dish to serve this summer.

Labneh Recipe with Hummus

Smacked buffalo cucumbers

Check out our recipe for buffalo smacked cucumbers. ‘Smacking’ cucumbers is a Chinese technique allowing them to absorb more flavour. Their cool crunch tempers the hot buffalo sauce. Serve alongside chicken from the BBQ.

Chopped cucumbers with homemade buffalo sauce and blue cheese

Fried courgette flowers with honey and vinegar

Packed with a sweet and tangy flavour these courgette flowers with honey and vinegar are a great starter for any summer dinner party. What’s more, they look impressive and are quick and easy to make.

Fried Courgette Flowers With Honey and Vinegar Recipe

Lemon and mint marinated courgettes

These zesty grilled courgettes are a great side dish that is ideal to make in advance – perfect for a summer get together. See more of our courgette recipes here.

lemon and mint marinated courgettes

Jersey Royals with wild garlic

Make the most of two great seasonal ingredients while you can with this recipe for Jersey Royal potatoes with wild garlic. It’s vegan, easy and ready in just 15 minutes.

Jersey Royal potatoes with wild garlic

Szechuan dry-fried green beans

We love the zing of szechaun peppercorns – this is one of the most popular takeaways among our team, but only takes minutes to recreate. Try with our smoky steak recipe.

Szechuan Green Beans

Thai watermelon salad

Watermelon is this year’s trendy ingredient and stands in for green papaya in this update of a Thai classic. It’s best to buy a whole watermelon and use the flesh closest to the skin as this tends to be a bit firmer. Explore our other Thai salad recipes here.

Thai Watermelon salad

Halloumi salt and vinegar fries with tartare sauce

Try these quick, easy and moreish halloumi fries. Deep-fried for extra crunch, they’re an absolute cheese sensation. Dip them into our homemade tartare sauce for the ultimate weekend snack. For lots of alternative halloumi recipes see here.

Halloumi fries with salt and vinegar

Teriyaki aubergine

Try our teriyaki aubergine recipe, it’s easy, serves 4 as a side and has only 105 calories. This vegan recipe is sticky, sweet and perfect for brushing over grilled or roasted veggies.

Teriyaki aubergine

Blistered runner beans with bagna cauda

Revamp your runner beans this summer with our pan-fried recipe, matched with a super fresh and zesty dip called bang caudal.

Blistered runner beans

Salt-baked beetroot with herby yogurt dressing

This hearty, rugged salad is inspired by the Bar Tartine cookbook. Salt baking will intensify the taste of earthy beetroot. This recipe is perfect for a midweek salad or a sharing starter for any summer meal.

Baked Beetroot

Grilled nectarines with burrata, chilli and mint

Creamy soft burrata works perfectly with the smooth succulence of nectarines. Chilli adds a slight kick and the mint keeps it fresh. The perfect summer side dish!

Grilled Nectarines

Queso blanco with grilled chillies and cumin, with homemade tortilla chips

Queso blanco is a very simple cheese to make that takes flavours from herbs and spices really well. It’s a fresh cheese that tastes best and has the creamiest texture the day you make it. Make in the morning to serve as a snacking starter when your guests arrive.

Queso blanco

Green beans with confit garlic and tahini dressing

This recipe for green beans with confit garlic and tahini dressing makes a quick and easy veggie side that will liven up any summer meal. Carry on the tahini theme with one of our versatile recipes.

Green beans with confit garlic and tahini dressing

Tender spring onions with charred romesco

This recipe for tender spring onions with charred romesco makes a great vegan alternative for the BBQ.

Tender spring onions with charred romesco

Super storecupboard salad

This super storecupboard salad is perfect for a speedy supper midweek. It’s ready in just 15 minutes, under 300 calories and vegetarian. It serves 4, but you can always have leftovers for lunch.

Super storecupboard salad

Pickled veg and Parma salad with whipped feta

This pickled veg and Parma salad with whipped feta is a quick and easy salad that is nice and light for summer. You can buy Odysea feta and greek yogurt spread from Waitrose.

pickled veg salad

Greens and beans salad

Our greens and beans salad is a quick and easy vegan salad for four. It’s under 300 calories so is a good recipe for a lighter side and the crunchy textures marry nicely with slow cooked meat.

greens and beans

Celeriac remoulade

Celeriac remoulade is quick and easy to make and perfect served with classic meat in a bun. Find more celeriac inspiration with a variety of recipes.


Apple som tum

Traditionally this flavour-packed, low-cal Thai salad uses green papaya but it can be hard to find. Swap with apple, like here, instead and serve alongside smoky BBQ’d chicken.

Bowl of salad with apples, green beans and peeler at the side

Grilled peas

These grilled peas are so easy to make, and so addictively good, that you’ll want them as a snack as often as you can.  Grill these on the BBQ for 15 minutes to eat as a snack while you’re waiting for everything else to be ready!

Grilled pea pods on plate with slice of lemon