How to make The Truscott Arms’s Old Fashioned Truth cocktail: video

Learn how to make an Old Fashioned Truth cocktail, one of the signature drinks at The Truscott Arms that dates back to the nineteenth century.

What you will need

orange peel


1 cube brown sugar

few drops rhubarb bitters


bullet bourbon, one shot

woodford reserve bourbon, one shot

abricot liqueur, half a shot

What to do

Put your strip of orange peel into the bottom of an old-fashioned glass, followed by the cube of brown sugar.

Add a few drops of rhubarb bitters. Muddle the sugar cube with a good bash or two, so you have a paste. This will release the flavoursome oils from the orange peel.

Add a couple of cubes of ice, then the Bullet bourbon. Stir, letting the ice melt into the bourbon.

Add the Woodford Reserve bourbon, then another couple of ice cubes. Stir.

Add the apricot liqueur and some final cubes of ice. Give it a final stir, and pop a cherry in to finish.


From The Truscott Arms