How to make Rabbit’s rhubarb cocktail: video

Learn how to make your own rhubarb cocktail with rhubarb syrup, gin, lime juice and nettle cordial. Recipe from Rabbit restaurant in London.

What you will need

100ml rhubarb syrup


Cooked forced rhubarb, couple of chunks, plus extra

50ml Chase GB gin

15ml fresh lime juice

20ml nettle cordial

A Boston shaker


What to do

In a large glass, combine the rhubarb syrup, couple of chunks of rhubarb, gin, lime juice and nettle cordial.

Add some ice to your Boston shaker, then shake the cocktail vigorously for 20 seconds.

Rim a presentation glass with some celery salt, then double-strain the cocktail into it.

Add a little ice, some extra chunks of rhubarb, and stir well.

Add a straw and a wedge of lime. Serve.

From Rabbit restaurant

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