BUMP Caves, make your own gin masterclass: preview

Why we really, really want to go on a BUMP Caves gin masterclass. You even get to take a bottle of your own personal recipe home...

Gin-lovers, your ultimate dream has just come true: BUMP Caves, a distillery and cocktail bar in London, has just announced new dates for the ever-popular Make Your Own Gin masterclasses.


Max Chater (pictured main image, above) – BUMP chemist, distiller, and creator of these events – will accompany gin aficionados in their journey to creating their very own gin concoction. Guests will be able to use BUMP Caves’ Rotary evaporator to formulate their unique distilled gin from base spirit and as many as 10 different botanicals.

These masterclasses will include a demonstration for 3 mixed gin drinks, 3 cocktails for people to try, and a selection of charcuterie and cheese to soak up all that drink. Sound good? You haven’t heard the best part yet: gin fanatics will be able to take home a bottle of their personal recipe, as well as a bottle of BUMP Caves’ Victory Gin.

Distill Your Own Gin masterclasses will take place on a few select dates from February to June. For booking information, visit drafthouse.co.uk/events

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BUMP Caves, make your own gin masterclass: preview

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